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The joys of spring

The Editorial Board shares what we’re looking forward to in spring quarter

Anjini Venugopal, Editor-in-Chief

There is a simple joy that comes from laying on a field of grass with a group of friends, a good book and/or a favorite snack (it’s like Clue: Anjini on the West Quad with baby carrots and “Crying in H Mart”). Now that the sunset is at 7:30 p.m. or later, it’s the perfect way to get in some extra sun too — just remember your sunscreen and allergy medication and be wary of the far-too-bold squirrels.


Margo Rosenbaum, Managing Editor

Spring is my favorite season at UC Davis for many reasons, including the fact that it is when many animals are born on campus. If you are looking to view them up close, visit the various animal science facilities and check out the young cows, sheep, goats and my personal favorite, the spindly-legged newborn horses.


Sophie Dewees, Campus News Editor

Despite the fact that I’m nearing the end of my third year at UC Davis, I have never attended an in-person Picnic Day. I’m looking forward to seeing the baby animals, participating in many of the on-campus activities that the day is known for and creating new traditions with friends. 


Maddie Payne, City News Editor

While spring brings some much needed sunshine after the depressing winter months, those sunny days can quickly turn swelteringly hot, especially as June approaches. While I often flee to air conditioned buildings to avoid the peak heat, my favorite part of these days is emerging in the evening to a beautifully warm summer night, which I love to spend relaxing outside with friends, chatting over some gloriously cold beers.


Eden Winniford, Opinion Editor

Now that the weather is getting warmer, I can’t wait for barbecue and bonfire nights with friends. There’s nothing better than eating s’mores and hot dogs while hanging out around a fire.


Katie DeBenedetti, Features Editor

Even though I frequent the Arboretum throughout the year, I would say I’m most excited to spend spring afternoons walking through the blooming flowers in sunny weather — even if it means having to take three types of allergy medicine to avoid a sneezing fit. Nothing beats a walk downtown along the Arb to grab a coffee and a snack, then coming back to lay in the grass, reading or chatting until the sun sets as late as 8 p.m. 


Allie Bailey, Arts and Culture Editor

There’s no better way to beat the Davis heat in the springtime than to take a trip to Putah Creek. Grab a floatie, a cider and a speaker and hike out as far as you can bear in 90-degree weather before floating back down to the parking lot; if you don’t mind critter-filled water, hit the rope swing for a final dip. 


Omar Navarro, Sports Editor

This spring quarter will be my first one since 2019 and also my last one if everything goes well. Something about the weather being warmer just makes me excited and feel like I can do a lot more things. This spring I look forward to meeting with friends and just getting together to watch the NBA Playoffs or maybe even go to some baseball games, as it is something I haven’t been able to do since 2019. 


Michelle Wong, Science Editor

Especially after two years of online spring quarters, I have come to look forward to walking between classes — feeling the warm sun on my face as I look up at the sky and just getting my body moving after hours of sitting behind a screen. Something about listening to your favorite tunes and watching everyone else go about their day gives a sense of being a “real” college student. 


Written by: The Editorial Board



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