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As more visitors come to campus this Picnic Day, the Editorial Board shares what makes Davis special

There are so many things to celebrate about UC Davis and the city of Davis


As prospective students are starting to affirm their decision to attend UC Davis and Davis residents are looking to attend an event as the weather warms up, we expect to see a lot of new faces at Picnic Day — people who perhaps do not know much about our campus or even the city itself. With that, the Editorial Board would like to welcome all of you to the lovely city we call home.

Picnic Day is a time when the city of Davis and the university come together to showcase all the best parts of Davis. With student a capella groups performing throughout the day, sheep mowers prancing through the streets in the parade and diverse dance groups hosting the annual Davis Dance Revolution, there is no doubt that those new to Davis will get a taste of what it is like to be a student here. 

But Davis is more than what can be seen on Picnic Day. Although Davis may seem isolated and in the middle of nowhere — a “cow town” if you will — we have grown rather fond of our small, quaint college town. For some members of the Editorial Board who have grown up in bustling cities, this environment is a nice change of pace and an opportunity to have the quintessential college experience. 

Downtown Davis is as close as you can get to the embodiment of a college town; filled with homey coffee shops, locally-owned restaurants and small businesses, the streets are always packed with students. The farmers markets attract the attention of not only those from UC Davis, but the entire Davis community as local farmers sell fresh produce and food trucks give customers something to munch on while chatting on the Central Park lawn. 

 One of the perks of being a student in such a small town is how easy it is to commute. UC Davis is known for its bike culture, with many students choosing to bike to class or around town. It is not uncommon to see a professor wearing a suit and carrying a hefty backpack biking through campus amid a crowd of students. Downtown Davis is also just a short walk off campus, and students can utilize our university bus service, Unitrans, for further distances. 

Here at UC Davis, you can get involved in just about anything you want to. Want to learn how to make coffee? Take ECH 1. Love fungi? Consider joining the Swett Lab. Want to dip your toe into improv comedy? Go watch a Birdstrike Theater performance. There are research labs in just about any subject and clubs catering to a wide variety of interests. Although it may be overwhelming with so many options to choose from, it’s relieving to know there’s always something you can get involved in once you figure out what you want to pursue. 

Aside from Unitrans, there are myriad services that students can use to their advantage. The Pantry provides free produce and other basic necessities for students. Throughout the pandemic, our COVID-19 testing site at the ARC has been an efficient and convenient resource for both students and other Davis residents to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

While the members of the Editorial Board each have their own favorite parts of Davis, we all agree that what really makes our campus special are our very own Aggies. The welcoming atmosphere of Davis is largely set by the many kind, friendly and inspiring people in our community. So whether this is your first time coming to Davis or if you’re a Davis resident who doesn’t frequently visit our campus, we hope all of you enjoy your time here as much as we do. 


Written by: The Editorial Board



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