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On my plate: Why Dutch Bros is my favorite coffee shop experience    

How to relieve and reduce Dutch Bros anxiousness  


By NADIA ANEES — nsanees@ucdavis.edu 


“Dutch Bros?” My friend asks me in a text that I wake up to on a Friday morning. That one question alone holds the power of making me look forward to rolling out of my comfortable little bed and beginning the day. “Dutch Bros” I reply without a second thought.  

Dutch Bros is a carefully crafted experience designed to make you, the coffee consumer, delighted. You can arrive to Dutch Bros in any state — still half asleep with bedhead and morning voice, in a state of complete anxiousness about your midterm tomorrow for which you are not prepared or hyper and gleeful at midnight after a night out with friends. Everybody has a different Dutch Bros style. But no matter what your style is, Dutch Bros is there for you whenever you need it —  morning, day or night. 

The experience of going to Dutch Bros is unlike visiting any other coffee chain. Going to Dutch Bros carries an excitement in my mind that is unlike a casual stop at Starbucks or Peet’s. 

It starts when you first see the blue hut in the distance. The warm and slightly retro  Dutch Bros sign invites you in. Then you’re met with the expected long line of cars that nearly meets oncoming traffic on Richards Boulevard. 

Once your turn to order arrives, an employee greets you with excitement, ready to get your order(s) in. They assure you that they can accommodate your drink needs exactly how you’d like. After a bit more of a short wait comes the handoff. At last you are met with a delicious concoction of a drink. The first sip makes your eyes dazzle.  

Despite rainy nights or windy Davis days, the Dutch crew brings uplifting energy and stays swaying gleefully to the music blasting inside their small, magical hut. Essentially I’m saying Dutch Bros employees are my heroes. 

Despite my clear fandom for Dutch Bros, I’m aware of how many people simply do not get the hype of the coffee shop or find visits to be a highly stressful experience. Here are some of my tips to make this experience one you can embrace, like I do. 

First, keep the Dutch Bros mobile app on your phone so that you can easily browse the menu from your screen well before you place your order. Take all the time you need while waiting in line to decide on the drink that sounds the best to you. Be sure to scan the app so you can start to accrue points for every drink purchase to eventually earn yourself a free one, too! 

Next, visit on the first of the month. You’ll be met with an exciting surprise of a free sticker when you request one for as long as supply remains. If Dutch Bros’ drinks are not convincing enough for you to make the trip, perhaps the vibrant and free stickers will be. 

Also, be sure to bring a buddy with you. Coffee obsessed or not, anyone can find something to enjoy off the menu. I will highly recommend that you stick to the classic menu, of course making alterations to the milk choice and sweetness preference, as needed. But with the classics I truly think you can’t go wrong. You can share the pre-Dutch nerves with your friend and enjoy your drinks together on a slow ride around cow town. 


Written by: Nadia Anees — nsanees@ucdavis.edu


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by individual columnists belong to the columnists alone and do not necessarily indicate the views and opinions held by The California Aggie.



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