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Picnic Day Board picks theme, parade marshall for 110th Picnic Day

As part of the theme “Picnic Palooza,” Associate Vice Chancellor Sheri Atkinson will serve as the parade marshall 


By SYDNEY AMESTOY — campus@theaggie.org


The ASUCD Picnic Day board recently announced the theme and candidate chosen for the role of parade marshall for the 110th Picnic Day.

The theme of the event, which will be held on April 20, 2024, is “Picnic Palooza.” According to Picnic Day Board Chair Bradford Martin, a third-year economics and psychology double major, the theme is meant to embrace the UC Davis community and all that it stands for.

“Our theme is Picnic Day Picnic Palooza, and we have a little add-on to it,” Martin said. “That’s like, [to] create your reality, to make your existence and just make the best of your life. And that’s what we think Picnic Day represents, and we think the community might embrace that as well.”

Alongside the theme, the board announced Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Sheri Atkinson as this year’s parade marshall.

Atkinson began her career at UC Davis 20 years ago as the director of the LGBTQIA Resource Center before becoming the executive director of student affairs. She has been an associate vice chancellor for the last six years.

“Sheri united everyone; she kind of embraces the fun of Picnic Day,” Martin said. “She really seems like she would embrace the Palooza. She is the associate vice chancellor of student affairs and has influence over all the [registered student organizations] on campus. She stands for the students and making our experience possible.”

According to Atkinson, being chosen as the parade marshall was a surprise.

“I had no idea,” Atkinson said. “I was notified via email. Prior to receiving the email, I got a little heads-up from our Picnic Day Chair. I didn’t know I was being considered until I was selected, and they shared that with me, and I was very excited. I’m very touched. It means a lot to me to be selected by students for this role. I feel very lucky.”

According to Martin, the parade marshall is the person who starts the parade and is at the front of the processions.

These decisions were made after deliberations by the Picnic Day board, which, according to Martin, were partially inspired by the theme posters of past Picnic Days.

As the board continues to plan for Picnic Day, applications for assistant directors are also going to open soon, according to Martin.

“When it comes to Picnic Day, the assistant directors are the ones taking charge,” Martin said. “They’re helping lead some of the fun activities. They’re the ones at the info booth helping the public understand what the day is. They’re helping set up everything all over campus.”

Martin said that this year’s Picnic Day will be focused on classic activities, including the Doxie Derby and the chemistry show, and will aim to have a more carnival-type atmosphere.

“I want to make the 110th Picnic Day something special, you know. It’s a landmark year, being 110,” Martin said. “I can promise you that it will be a great year and a great thing.”


Written by: Sydney Amestoy — campus@theaggie.org



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