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Another year of fashion trends

UC Davis students speculate what styles the new year will bring


By JULIANA MARQUEZ ARAUJO — features@theaggie.org


2023 consisted of some of the most creative and versatile fashion trends yet, making many excited for what fashion in 2024 will look like. Fashion statements tend to go down in history, especially in today’s generation which focuses extensively on “iconic” images from the past that have largely shaped our styles today. 2024 can be expected to create that same impact.

At one point, the clothes that our parents wore were seen as outdated or “too tight,” but that view has changed. Nowadays, many are disappointed by the fact that their parents or grandparents have not saved their clothes for their future posterity. This supports the idea that many fashion trends seen today are derived from previous decades, with the early 2000s being one of the popular sources of inspiration.

“There’s never a new trend, everything is old. These [trends] came back probably from the ‘90s or 2000s,” Jade Joya, a third-year psychology major, said.

The majority of trends that arise with every new year often hold a resemblance to, if not a complete copy of, a past look. For example, bows and frills have always been in style — starting as far back as the late 1600s — and although they have consistently held influence in recent fashion trends, they have been gaining attention very quickly since 2023, so much so that the trend will likely follow into the new year.

How better to predict fashion trends than to look at influencers? Everyone with social media has been influenced in some sense. Many would argue that these media figures are the real trend starters.

More than ever, fashion trends are focusing on the aesthetic and character that a person tries to portray. If there is a figure or an aesthetic that one looks up to on a social media app, it is likely that they will try to embody that same character.

While early 2023 relied heavily on baggy everyday wear, the “clean girl aesthetic” rose to popularity towards the end of the year.

“Clean girl makeup, I think, has also drifted over to fashion, cause now the ‘messy’ look is not as popular; [clothes] are more form-fitting,” Genesis Dominguez, a first-year anthropology major, said.

She gave the example of flare leggings having their moment in the spotlight. Many considered them to be a staple piece in one’s wardrobe, not only for their versatility but also for their effortless look while still allowing the body to be comfortable. 

When bringing up the topic of the “clean girl aesthetic,” one must also focus on the rise of its counterpart, the “coquette” aesthetic.

Yes, Marie Antoinette has managed to remain a prominent figure in not only historical events but also in fashion. She is undoubtedly the face of the movement. From her adorned bedroom to her soft, pastel outfits, Antoinette’s influence will surely continue to reign in the new year.

As fashion trends resurface, people are considering the notion that while wearing certain pieces used to mean one thing, they now represent another.

For example, while feminine clothing and accessories, such as bows, previously symbolized obedience and innocence, women are finding more female solidarity through wearing that style. Therefore, renewed trends are sending a different message.

Or maybe it’s the opposite, and people are wearing these pieces that remind them of their childhood to reconnect with an innocence that they feel has been lost in adulthood.

Regardless, bows are at the height of their popularity; from the looks of it, they are not going anywhere anytime soon.

While it is a difficult task to anticipate where the majority may flock in 2024, many have speculated that this new year will continue to be heavily influenced by the price tag of particular items. Much of this theory has to do with the public viewing cheap items in poor taste and expensive items to be trendy. After all, trends are what creates the increase in prices for whatever item is in high demand. So, if anyone is looking to participate, be prepared.

Communities are sharing their own personal hopes for 2024, as there are new possibilities for the potential resurfacing of old fashion statements that have been ignored in the past. 

“Honestly, if anything good comes out of [2024], I hope longer skirts come out of it,” Dominguez said. “Like cute 50s style skirts.”

As for shoes, Uggs are undoubtedly making a comeback in the new year. It is no secret that the lazy, effortless look has been on the rise in the past year, and many are thankful for it.

However, different locations inspire their own impressions. Ren Romero, a first-year undeclared major, brought up the expressiveness of fashion on a college campus: “Especially since coming to Davis, I’ve noticed that there’s a select few people that have a more loud wardrobe,” Romero said. 

Layering clothing and accessories seems to be a trend that will stick in 2024, as people are flaunting tights in a bold way.

The wonderful thing about trends is that they are optional. If there is anything to be noted from past events, it is that certain styles fluctuate through being in style one moment and out the next. 

Based on the range of opinions, the best fashion trend of 2024 may be the movement to flaunt individuality.


Written by: Juliana Marquez Araujo — features@theaggie.org


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