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Yolo County announces challenge to encourage reading in 2024

The program challenges participants to see how many books they can read in the year while strengthening community


By MADELEINE YOUNG city@theaggie.org


With the start of the new year, the Yolo County Library has announced the continuation of its year-long reading program, challenging residents to read more books suggested by provided prompts. 

The program, known as “52: a Yearlong Reading Journey,” is free and sponsored by the Yolo County Library Foundation and various friends of the library who have curated a checklist consisting of 52 reading prompts to give participants ideas about what to read. 

Public Information Officer of Yolo County Dwight Coddington, who announced the program in a press release, explained how the idea for this challenge came about in 2022. 

“[The program] takes its inspiration from popular online community reading challenges such as Goodreads’ yearly challenge and Book Riot’s ‘Read Harder Challenge,’” Coddington said in the press release. “In 2022, the Library introduced its own program where the incentive is the act of reading itself. The 2024 52 Challenge continues to provide readers of all ages a way to spark their intellect, curiosity, and emotional intelligence throughout the year.”

The challenge consists of 52 prompts such as “Read a book with a one-word title” and “Read a book about an artist you admire,” designed to make reading goals more attainable and provide a fun way to choose books for the year.

Margaret Pelrine, an adult services librarian, said that the program was designed to get residents to read to go on a “reading journey” rather than to get a prize.

“We intentionally designed the 52 Challenge as a program whose focus is on the year-long reading journey instead of one where participants check off boxes to get a prize,” Pelrine said. “Every week, we’ll give you an idea in the form of a prompt to inspire your next read. At its heart, 52 is about reading for the joy of reading.” 

Beyond this, the program also tries to foster a sense of community where participants can recommend their favorite titles and gain inspiration for their next literary adventure.

“The 52 Challenge is also about community,” Coddington said. “People often ask library staff to recommend good books to read. 52 provides space for readers to recommend their favorite titles to others in their community. Look for the 52 Challenge display next time you visit any Yolo County Library branch to see what your neighbors are reading.”

This challenge is also a great way to connect with others through book clubs and sharing recommendations. 

“The 52 Challenge is an all-ages program,” Coddington said. “The library encourages everyone to spend time reading for themselves every day. This is an opportunity to slow down, take a break from everyday stresses, improve your body and mind and model great reading habits.”


Written by: Madeleine Young  — city@theaggie.org





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