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Impeachment of ASUCD IVP Aarushi Raghunathan withdrawn by Judicial Council

The petitioner in Monica v. Raghunathan withdrew the case from consideration just days after the Judicial Council ruling in favor of ASUCD President Ojeda


By VINCE BASADA — campus@theaggie.org


The second impeachment hearing into ASUCD Internal Vice President Aarushi Raghunahtan has been canceled, according to the Judicial Council (JC) in a statement posted on their Instagram on Jan. 25. 

Chasa Monica v. Aarushi Raghunathan (2024) has been withdrawn from consideration at the request of the Petitioner on behalf of the ASUCD Senate,” the post read. “No other hearings pertaining to this case will proceed.”

 As a result, Raghunathan will retain her position and office through the end of her term.

Raghunathan was unanimously impeached by the Senate alongside ASUCD President Francisco Ojeda in a special closed session Dec. 6. 

The first impeachment hearings into both Ojeda and Raghunathan took place Jan. 12. Raghunathan’s second hearing was supposed to take place on the same day as Ojeda’s on Jan. 16, but was postponed due to “unforeseen circumstances,” according to JC Head Justice Katrine Lee at that time.

The news that Raghunathan’s case would be withdrawn came three days after the Judicial Council ruled that Ojeda will remain in office. 

The announcement was signed by Lee, Deputy Justice Albena Goulisheva and Justices Madison Whittemore and Samantha Figlietti. 


Written by: Vince Basadacampus@theaggie.org


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