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Measure N campaign underway in Davis ahead of upcoming election

The election, scheduled for March 5, will have Davis voters deciding on whether to support continued funding for local public schools


By ANTHONY W. ZAMMIKIEL  — city@theaggie.org


On March 5, Davis voters will be heading to the polls to not only participate in the presidential primary election but to vote on local and state propositions featured on the ballot for the general election. Members of the Davis community will vote on Measure N, submitted by the Davis Joint Unified School District, which will determine whether to continue a parcel tax to provide funding to local public schools.

If adopted, Measure N will continue funding Davis public class programs, support students’ mental health and safety, continue athletics programs, limit classroom sizes, retain and bring in new high-quality teachers and more. These services will be funded via a parcel tax. 

“Shall Davis Joint Unified School District’s measure be adopted, [Davis will renew] the expiring education parcel tax at the current rate of $768/year, raising approximately $11,700,000 annually until ended by voters, with adjustments for inflation; senior/ disability exemptions; and independent oversight,” the measure description on the Yolo County Elections Office website read.

Based on its summary findings, the Yolo County Elections Office stated that re-introducing a parcel tax of $64 monthly or $768 annually will continue providing important funding to Davis Joint Unified schools, which serve approximately 8,500 students in preschool through 12th-grade programs. 

The elections office also stated that Measure N will replace the existing Measure H, which was first approved by Davis voters during the 2016 election and was set to expire after July 1, 2023.

Evan Jacobs, a community activist involved in the Yes4Students campaign to support Measure N, said that Davis schools are able to provide their students with outstanding academic and extracurricular programs with the help of measures like the one proposed.

Davis is a community built on knowledge and education, from [the] world-class UC Davis to our kindergarten classrooms, education is at our core,” Jacobs said. “Passage of Measure N will keep excellence in Davis public schools by renewing the parcel tax that has been supporting our classrooms for 40 years. It maintains 100 classroom teaching and support staff.” 

Jacobs said Measure H, and Measure N if passed, funds core academic programs. 

These include vocational programs, performing and visual arts programs, career and technical education programs, athletic programs, counseling services, nursing services and librarian services. 

Jacobs shared concerns about what could happen assuming Davis voters do not pass Measure N within the upcoming election.

“In the state school funding formula (LCFF), Davis is a below-average funded district without the parcel tax,” Jacobs said. “If Measure N does not pass, local public schools will lose $12 million in annual funding, 10% of the budget.” 

Jacobs is optimistic about the Davis community coming together and passing the measure, noting that Davis voters came together after campaigning in the 2016 election to introduce the original parcel tax, which has since supported Davis public education.

“It’s critically important for us to vote to protect what we care about and fix what isn’t working in our country,” Jacobs said. “While national races get the most attention, local races and referendums are critical to make sure our democracy functions well, and it’s often where the most impactful votes occur. First and foremost, everyone who is eligible should register to vote and cast their ballots. With online registration and vote-by-mail ballots, it’s easy to do in California.” 


More voter information about Measure N as well as other local and state propositions can be accessed at the Yolo County Elections Office, which has ballot information for what will be featured on the March 5, 2024 and November 5, 2024 elections. 

Written by: Anthony W. Zammikiel  — city@theaggie.org


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