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Whole Earth Festival set for May 10 to 12 with the theme, ‘Can You Dig It?’

As the event approaches, student representatives discuss the relation of the theme to sustainability and opportunities for volunteers


By AALIYAH ESPAÑOL-RIVAS — campus@theaggie.org

The Whole Earth Festival (WEF) is scheduled for May 10 to 12 at the UC Davis Quad. Composed of student art, education, food booths and live music, the free event aims to teach attendees about sustainability. The festival is open to both UC Davis students and the public. 

According to the official website for WEF, the festival started as a small art class project that taught visitors about activism, wellness and environmental sustainability. Since the establishment of Earth Day in 1970, the project has evolved into a fully student-led event hosted during Mother’s Day Weekend. 

This year’s theme is, “Can You Dig It?” — a theme chosen to call people toward the event’s message: sustainability, according to Katherine Krinsky, a third-year English major and logistics coordinator for WEF. 

“When we were deciding the theme, we talked about how it’s calling people to be inclusive,” Krinsky said. “It’s like, can you get with the messages and core values of the festival, which at its core is sustainability.”

The event itself is zero-waste, with a team of student volunteers to help with the various sustainable practices that the event upholds. According to Alex Ikuma, a third-year physics major and chaos control coordinator for WEF, there are many different groups students can volunteer in to help during the festival.

“We have the Whole Earth Reusable Cooperative [WERC], where students help transport our reusable dishware to a dining common to wash,” Ikuma said. “Students can participate in the Compost and Recycling [CNR], helping sort the compost and recycling during the event.” 

In addition to WERC and CNR, students can help watch booths for vendors, manage the flow of vendors coming in and out of the event or volunteer to help at a student booth. Sarah Glick, a third-year political science major and coordinator for the kids’ space at WEF, wants to provide a fun educational experience for children at her booth. 

“Festivals usually have a lack of child-friendly environments,” Glick said. “I want to take an educational route to teach kids about sustainable actions and caring about the earth.”

Glick hopes to achieve this by having the Davis Library promote library cards and bringing the local non-profit, Farm to Fork, to teach about healthy eating. Additionally, Glick plans to host crafts and activities for both children and families to enjoy. 

While the festival is still underway as plans are finalized, coordinators are excited for the Davis community to experience the event. 

“I’m excited to see it all come together for the community,” Krinsky said. “It’s magical to watch it all happen so well and quickly; one day, you’re in the quad, and two days later, you’re in a festival.” 

Looking towards the future, students interested in volunteering can check out the WEF Instagram (@wholeearthfestival) for updates and interest forms. Although students may be intimidated by the commitment of volunteering, Ikuma hopes students will see the opportunity with optimism.

“I think it scares students when they hear they have to commit and volunteer; they think it will be intensive work,” Ikuma said. “But we hope those who volunteer see the opportunity as rewarding, seeing the festival happen and knowing you directly contributed to it.” 


Written by: Aaliyah Español-Rivas — campus@aggie.org


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