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Police investigating six suspects after assaults downtown

Two victims were assaulted by a group of people downtown, leaving one victim severely injured


By CHRIS PONCE — city@theaggie.org


On March 29, there was an assault on two individuals near 2nd and F Street, according to the city of Davis Police Department. The assault left one victim “severely injured” and “unable to provide needed information.” Due to surveillance footage from a nearby business, authorities have received footage of the assault and have determined there are six suspects. 

“At approximately 11:40 PM, two individuals were assaulted near the intersection of 2nd Street and F Street,” the city of Davis Police Department said on Facebook. “There were reported to be 5-6 suspects, some of whom were wearing masks. The suspects approached the two individuals and began to assault them, severely injuring one.”

In a later Facebook statement made on Thursday, April 4, authorities confirmed there were six suspects and released four clips from the nearby business that recorded the incident. The suspects wore hoodies and at least some wore face masks. The footage is not clear enough to determine the identity of any of the suspects. One clip shows one of the suspects chasing and punching one of the victims down 2nd Street until the victim falls to the floor. 

“Unfortunately, the video is not clear enough to provide a firm identification of the 6 suspects,” Davis Police Chief Darren Pytel said on Facebook. “It is evident they are wearing hoodies and at least some, if not all, have facemasks, which is consistent with a victim’s statement. Complicating the investigation, one of the victims was seriously injured and is unable to provide needed information.”

Davis police have not received more information about where the suspects came from or how they fled the scene. However, the footage shows them running westbound on 2nd Street. Additionally, authorities have not yet determined whether there was a motive behind the attack. 

“And, at this point, no clear motive has been identified to determine why this incident took place,” Pytel said in the statement. “The victims and suspects came from two different directions, and it is not yet known if they had engaged earlier in the evening.”

Police are currently investigating the crime and asking anyone who was downtown at the time of the assaults to contact them if they saw the suspects. Authorities are asking witnesses or anyone with footage to contact them by calling 530-747-5400 or emailing PoliceWeb@cityofdavis.org

“As more information becomes available, it will be shared with the community. In the meantime, a very active investigation is occurring,” Pytel said in the statement. “This was a particularly brutal crime and finding those responsible, and holding them accountable, is of the utmost importance.”


Written by: Chris Ponce — city@theaggie.org


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