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By AALIYAH ESPAÑOL-RIVAS — arts@theaggie.org 


TV Show: “Young Sheldon” by Chuck Lorre (2017)


Ever wonder where the iconic phrase “Bazinga” originated from? Well, if you tune in to “Young Sheldon,” you might just find out. “Young Sheldon” follows Sheldon Cooper, a “Big Bang Theory” fan-favorite character as he navigates his life as a child prodigy. The show is full of charm as the seven seasons explore Sheldon’s personal life growing up in Texas, giving much-needed depth to his character. While the first three seasons display his growth from a child to his tweens, the later seasons delve more into more of his familial relationships and the individuals that have shaped him. While, yes, Sheldon can be annoying sometimes, there is no doubt that he is a witty genius who genuinely cares about those around him. So no, the show isn’t just Sheldon being a pretentious kid who spews fun facts constantly, but rather an exploration of his upbringing that explains his character in the subsequent seasons of “The Big Bang Theory.” While the final season is currently airing on television, you can binge the past six seasons on Netflix. 


Movie: “The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement” dir. by Gary Marshall 


There are very rare cases when a sequel is better than its precursor and “The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement” is a perfect example of that. While the first film does take place in beautiful San Francisco and features the iconic makeover scene, the second installment is pure rom-com magic. The film follows Princess Mia Thermopolis (Anne Hathway) as she embarks on her journey of becoming queen of Genovia. However, despite the numerous strides of feminism made by 2004, without a husband, Mia cannot become queen. Following this news, Mia, with the help of her grandmother, Queen Clarissa (Julie Andrews), attempts to find Mia a husband in 30 days. But when an insufferable suitor with ulterior motives arises, things become confusing for Mia. As she grapples with the severity of her situation she must confront her feelings: does she do what’s best for her kingdom, or what her heart desires? 


Album: “Journals” by Justin Bieber (2014)


“Journals” is undoubtedly Justin Bieber’s most underrated project. Most likely due to the negative perception of Bieber at the time (his infamous dui and accompanying mugshot) and lack of promotion from his label, “Journals” remains a hidden gem of his discography. The project, which is not an album but rather a compilation album created during his “Believe” tour in 2012 steers away from his typical teen heartthrob sound to a more explicit R&B style. Due to this shift in sound, his label decided to not release the album physically, further adding to its obscurity in society. However, the 16-track album is by far the best thing that Bieber has created. From the sultry opening track “Heartbreaker” to the soulful closing track “Flatline,” the album soulfully articulates Bieber’s struggles in a relationship, and covers more mature topics related to his sexual experiences. While the album also features some questionable and forgettable collaborations, it is drastically different from what Bieber usually releases. Though the project is mostly loved by die-hard “beliebers” like myself, one listen may change your perspective of Bieber, if you just beliebe. 


Written by: AalIyah Español-Rivas — arts@theaggie.org 



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