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Culture Corner

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By NATALIE SALTER — ncsalter@theaggie.org


Song: “Super Shy” by NewJeans (2023)


K-pop girl group NewJeans took the world by storm in the summer of 2022 with their debut single “Attention,” and since then, they’ve continued to stun with an assortment of catchy and creatively composed hits defining a new yet memorable career. On “Super Shy,” NewJeans are as bright as ever, with their playful voices bringing a refreshing and infectious beat to life. Combined with standout choreography and a colorful music video, it’s the perfect song to have on repeat this spring and summer. You’ll find yourself just having to sing along, and it’s a gateway drug to the iconic and iridescent world that is NewJeans’ music.


Film: “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days” dir. by Donald Petrie (2003)

All bets are on in the iconic “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days,” a romantic comedy starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey that has proven to be a timeless classic of the genre. Beauty and lifestyle journalist Andie Anderson (Hudson) takes on a challenge for her newest article: to drive away an interested guy as a what-not-to-do advice piece for hopeful romantics. Her target is Ben Barry (McConaughey), a charming executive who has made a bet of his own to make a woman fall in love with him before an approaching gala. A hilarious tale of love and misfortune ensues, with Andie and Ben realizing what started as a game may be more serious than they initially intended. It’s romantic, charming and has plenty of humor, making it a worthy watch for your next movie night.

Book: “A Day of Fallen Night” by Samantha Shannon (2023)

In a stunning prequel to “The Priory of the Orange Tree,” author Samatha Shannon welcomes readers back into a lush and diverse fantasy universe filled with magic, culture and wonderment. This time, the story follows a series of mothers and daughters across the world’s various nations and each of their struggles to grow together and individually. Despite their distance in culture and country, the stories of these women intersect, and the ways in which they affect each other shape the course of history forevermore. Shannon is a master at character depth and complex, emotionally nuanced relationships. Furthermore, the enchanting universe she has crafted for readers to explore is endlessly fascinating and easy to fall in love with. With this dazzling prequel, Shannon has proved herself a rising master of the fantasy genre, and her works are absolutely worth your while.


Album: “A Night at the Symphony” by Laufey & The Iceland Symphony Orchestra (2023)


The captivatingly talented Laufey, who has already enchanted listeners with her marvelous voice and lyrical prowess, has paired with the Iceland Symphony Orchestra to craft a gorgeous live album befitting of her brilliant career. Composed of Laufey’s own original songs and her covers of classic jazz standards, the orchestral touch that the Iceland Symphony Orchestra brings to this album takes the music to the next level. It’s a delightful listen from start to finish, with the orchestra’s magnificent instrumentals and Laufey’s unforgettable vocals coming together to create a truly magical musical experience. The album is a wonderfully crafted look at Laufey’s career so far, and if its quality is any indication, her future is just as bright.

Written by: Natalie Salter — arts@theaggie.org


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