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Review: A review of MandRo Teahouse

Customers share their experiences and favorite sweet treats


By LORENA ALVAREZ — arts@theaggie.org 


MandRo Teahouse, a Taiwanese style milk tea shop located in Westlake Plaza, is the ideal spot for refreshing treats in Davis. Their menu has something for everyone, from boba milk teas to their popular Bingsoo shaved ice and plenty of space and board games to spend time with friends. For those who want to take in the nice weather, MandRo offers ice bags, ensuring that customers can take their desserts to go if they wish to do so. 

Their hours of operation, 12:30 to 11 p.m., make their desserts and drinks the perfect refreshing midday or late-night snacks. They have a 4.9/5 rating on Doordash, with over 2,900 reviews, many of which fawn over their strawberry, mango and chocolate Bingsoo. 

When asked what sets this teahouse apart from others, Angela Feng, UC Davis alumna and dietitian nutritionist, commented on the shop’s milky taro. 

“The taro is real,” Feng said. “Usually in other boba shops, they use artificial taro powder. This one tastes like you’re drinking taro puree.”

Feng expanded on her comment, noting that it is her go-to establishment when visiting Davis.

“It’s the only boba place I would go to if I was in Davis, for sure,” Feng said. 

That said, Feng did note her disappointment with the order she received after requesting less ice.

“I asked for less ice and my cup was not filled all the way,” Feng said. “[Given the price] I don’t think they should put less liquid in the drinks when people ask for less ice.”

Kyra Kawamoto, an educator at the Marine Mammal Center, added to the conversation, noting that they charge extra for substitutions and add-ons.

“Price wise I think it’s on par,” Kawamoto said. “But once you add stuff, like for me I have to drink soy milk, [it can quickly become expensive]. And then if you want boba, that’s over $8 [total]. And I feel like toppings can really send it over, especially if it’s not a very big portion.”

While providing her drink recommendation, Kawamoto noted its superior quality. 

“I think any of their fruity or premium drinks are quite good,” Kawamoto said. “Instead of it being like a chain place where it’s kind of like a gritty or a less consistent drink or texture, here it tastes quite good.”

When asked if she would like to add anything, Kawamoto commented on the limited contact between customers and employees.

“I feel like the service can be hit or miss,” Kawamoto said. “You don’t really interact with any of the workers aside from them calling you [to pick up your order]. I think [having] one tablet [to order off of] is okay, but if there’s a long line, it’s not.”

She concluded her review by noting the shop’s atmosphere. 

“MandRo is quite spacious and seems like a hotspot,” Kawamoto said. “I think it’s also great that they offer desserts [like bingsoo], not just drinks.”

Providing another opinion about the space, Natalie Hak, a second-year psychology major, noted the establishment’s lighting. 

“I don’t like their interior because of the lighting,” Hak said. “It’s really stark white and not inviting. [But] they are open pretty late. So if you are studying quite late and you want a treat you can go there.” 

While Hak is not drawn to MandRo’s interior, she noted that they have items that she cannot find elsewhere. 

“The mango sago is my go-to order,” Hak said. “It’s really rich, but not overwhelming and it’s also really refreshing. It’s a drink I can’t really find anywhere else, so I go to MandRo.”

MandRo Teahouse’s menu items and board game options create an entertaining space for students away from school and work. For those who want to enjoy the spring season without experiencing the seasonal allergies that come with the outdoors, MandRo Teahouse has a wall-length sliding door, adding a touch of nature to the otherwise populated space.


Written by: Lorena Alvarez — arts@theaggie.org 


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