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Aggies come out on top in series finale win against UC Santa Barbara

UC Davis softball avoids a loss in an 8-2 victory


By EMMÍA J RIVERA — sports@theaggie.org


To conclude a three-game series at La Rue Field, the UC Davis softball team beat the UC Santa Barbara Gauchos, preventing another loss for the Aggies on April 27. Following two losses the day before, the Aggies arrived ready for a come-back as they took the lead in the first inning and never looked back. 

Wasting no time, Sarah Starks, a fifth-year communications major, delivered an early two-run homerun to initiate the permanent UC Davis lead. She displayed an impressive performance leading the Aggie offense and going 2-for-3 in the box with two home runs and three RBI. Behind her, Leah Polson, a fifth-year neurobiology, physiology and behavior major, went 1-for-1 (reaching a base on every hit), reaching a base three times on walks and scoring a run for the Aggies. Libbie McMahan, a fourth-year human development major, held onto the lead with a two-run base hit. Bella Holtz, a third-year math analytics major, hit a single to help the Aggies score a run, followed by another hit from Tatum Wentworth, a fourth-year human development major. The score ended 8-2 as UC Davis cruised to their first victory from this set.

UC Santa Barbara scored only two runs throughout the game, led by Alana Snow, a fourth-year who went 3-for-3 in hits, and Madelyn McNally, a fourth-year who went 2-for-3 in hits and a walk for the Gauchos. Defensively, Santa Barbara gave up nine walks, arguably the game’s ultimate difference as both teams gathered the same number of total hits.

Sarah Reineman, a fourth-year neurobiology, physiology and behavior major, was on the home mound for four innings, earning her third win of the season. She gathered three strikeouts and allowed just one run and no walks throughout the game.

Kenedi Brown, a fifth-year human development major and hurler, also made an appearance in the fifth inning to relieve Reineman of pitching. She threw three innings and gave up only one run, issuing three strikeouts and collecting her fifth save of the season. Joining a group of previous UC Davis athletes, Brown is set to tie the program’s record for total innings pitched, only a third of an inning away.

With the end of the season drawing near, the Aggies are gearing up to face Cal Poly in another three-game series in the first week of May. They are determined to improve their record before the regular season finale against the University of Hawaii, a game that could potentially be a turning point for the team.


Written by: Emmía J Rivera — sports@theaggie.org 


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