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Try these campus bites between classes

Whether students are looking for a quick bite to eat before class or a fulfilling meal, on-campus restaurants offer that and more


By ELIZABETH WOODHALL — arts@theaggie.org


Spring quarter marks the end of the school year for many students. Not only are allergies at an all-time high, but the sun seems to beam a little too bright if you’re walking outside trying to catch your next class. Spring serves as the season between the cold, dark winter and the soon-to-be relaxing summer, so if you’re a student in the quarter system, you know that it’s hard to push through these last few weeks.

If you’re someone who doesn’t pack lunch — or does pack lunch but completely forgets it while rushing to catch the bus —  you know that campus food is an acquired taste. There are some spots that guarantee a satisfying meal, while others will leave you wishing you had just brought your own. When it comes to spring quarter, students are trying to get a refreshing bite to alleviate both the stress from dreadful midterms and the hot weather. Whether it’s getting an airy and light crepe from Crepe Bistro at the Silo or going to the Coffee House Swirlz Bakery for a drink, spring quarter food can serve as a nice reminder of the end of the school year. 

With three salads to choose from and several toppings to pick, the meals at The Gunrock prove to be a delightful option for anyone trying to get their vegetables in for the day. Not only are the ingredients fresh and light, but the extra protein choices — bulgogi beef, birria and grilled chicken — serve as a satisfying and inexpensive option. They’re open from Monday to Friday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and have a discount of 20% for all meals from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. every weekday. If you’re not craving a salad, definitely check out their nachos or fries. 

Crepe Bistro at the Silo is open Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., so there are sweet and savory options available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ranging from $6.95 to $12.50, there’s an option for everyone. Banana Nutella is my favorite and is accompanied by a big dollop of whipped cream — a nice balance of sweet and creamy.

Silo Market Boar’s Head Deli Sandwiches have a variety of options for students looking for a fulfilling sandwich. With many rolls, proteins, cheeses and sauces to choose from, students can customize to their liking. Additionally, a fountain drink and a bag of chips are available with the sandwich if they wish to upgrade to a combo. Their vegetable options are fresh, satisfying a craving for something easy and green. Of all the options on campus, Boar’s Head Deli is the only restaurant on-campus that accepts EBT (if you ask for a cold sandwich). 

Need something nutritious to drink while you’re walking to class? Look no further than the smoothie lab located at the Coffee House Swirlz. They offer many smoothies to pick from, and all are made on the spot and have several protein and milk options. A smoothie hits the spot during a warm day, and maybe you’re not looking to have a full meal just yet, so this will be the perfect spot. 

On-campus food is an integral part of a student’s spring quarter success. It’s as easy as getting a coffee from Peet’s with friends or grabbing a meal before a scary midterm. With many on-campus options to choose from, students can have a nutritious and balanced meal before they gear up for the rest of the quarter. 


Written by: Elizabeth Woodhall — arts@theaggie.org 


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