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Davis, California

Monday, September 27, 2021


Editorial: Research could increase quality of living

The Davis City Council is currently doing extensive research in an effort to establish a standard living wage for city employees. Many council members and concerned citizens have been pushing for a standard living wage policy for some time, and it has now become a main concern of the city council.

A living wage is higher than minimum wage, reflecting the necessary income to live in a specific region and factoring in other needs such as health benefits from the employer. According to Jim Newman, superintendent of parks and general services, the living wage in this area is in the range of $9.50 to $11 per hour.

Davis is good

This past Saturday I was riding my bike on F Street toward downtown, wearing shorts and a T-shirt with the wind at my back,...

Guest opinion

In response to Rob Olson's Feb. 21 column "The condompushers" we would like to clarify the purpose of our efforts toincrease access to condoms for sexually active students. This year,in honor of National Condom Week, we at Health Education andPromotion, hosted our third annual Ask Me For a Condom (AMFC) days. Marketing materials mentioned the availability of condoms if you or a friend is sexually active and as the name of the campaign implies, students have to ask to receive a condom.

Conservatism revisited

The conservatism President Bush has practiced in the past few years was one often based on an unyielding conviction, seemingly oblivious from any form of doubt. Yet that's not what conservatism, as a philosophical thought, demands. Instead, [a]ll conservatism begins with loss, so declares Andrew Sullivan in his bookThe Conservative Soul. And it is: Conservatism is a natural response to loss, an approach that embraces the need to conserve and preserve in times of challenge.


Tell me about yourself

I hate that phrase. Tell me something about yourself. In terms of obnoxious small talk, it's right up there along with So what's your major? or How do you like your school? I mean, sure, I love Davis. The town's cute. No, I don't pass by cows on the way to class every day. Yes, there are things to do here. Yeah, my classes are OK. Sometimes I like them; sometimes I don't.

Illusions and allusions

Among all the random bits of profundity and nonsense I wrote in my column last week was a quote about truth (one I wish I could take credit for, but no, the deacon of my parish is responsible). It said, Truth is not because it happened but because it is a story we share we know to be true. I believe fiction novels, particularly the good ones, to be exemplary of this statement. The stories found in novels never happened, yet they echo throughout history on intrapersonal and global scales.


State budget cuts

The governor-proposed cuts to the University of California system as a result of an impending state deficit will inescapably reduce the quality of its campuses. Addressing a potential $417 million shortfall is not easy and must be dealt with in a variety of ways.

Party pooper

Once finals are over, you crazy kids are going to go buck wild come this spring break. Little do you minions know, Ms. Lynn Loo La over here has attended her fair share of parties too (during her time off from saving the world, one poorly named Vietnamese business district at a time). Unfortunately, I find that one out of 10 college parties end in lameness due to some “incident” that occurs. So if you're asking yourself, “Gee whiz Lynn, how can I ruin everyone's time at a decent party?” Have no fear; I've done the work for you.

Fact sheet

I've always held the belief that the process of making decisions is really very simple. Most of the time, you already know what's right and wrong, and the only real decision that you need to make that day is whether or not you're feeling naughty. If there is any validity to this time-tested theory (and I assure you, it's quite possible that there is not), then the facts released at last week's UC Day show that the legislative officials responsible for the operations of the UC system have a long history of soiling the proverbial bed.

A fighter’s fighting spirit

Hillary Clinton's rise, fall and rise again moments are extraordinary in American politics. Like a bright star that eclipses other stars, she has successfully outshined her nemesis Barack Obama who was expected to clinch the fiercely fought Democratic contest after Mar. 4. But unlike a star, Clinton shines the brightest when fighting desperately for survival.

Letter from the editor

Two years ago, The California Aggie signed a contract with College Publisher - a national online college newspaper content manager - to host The Aggie's website. This past month, that agreement expired, and we have decided not to renew The Aggie's contract with College Publisher. Instead, we are proud to present a new Aggie website developed by the student workers of the ASUCD unit Creative Media.