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Fire Katehi demonstrators air chancellor’s metaphorical dirty laundry at Katehi’s Kloset exhibit


Protesters confirm that Katehi’s rumored resignation will not end the movement

On April 26, Fire Katehi protesters held an event titled “Katehi’s Kloset” on the Quad. The exhibit, which aimed to increase transparency and accountability between UC Davis administration and students, featured a clothesline strung with both real and paper-made clothing items.

The paper items included facts about UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi’s controversial moonlighting activities, along with other details such as her involvement with the FBI and the infiltration action team.

“After we compiled all the facts, we quickly filled up all the pages,” said event organizer and third-year anthropology major Carli Hambley. “It was a huge group effort and a lot of fun to be a part of.”

Hambley said the event was held to bring awareness to the administration’s actions and to air Katehi’s metaphorical dirty laundry that the UC Davis community may not be aware of.

Event organizers also provided postcards so that attendees could write personal messages to Katehi. The postcards will be sent to Katehi’s personal university address.  

Alani Kincaide, a fourth-year French major who has been following the Fire Katehi movement, attended the event to read the posted facts and lend support.

“I think it’s great and the title is very symbolic,” Kincaide said. “This is a silent event that can allow people to view it if they choose to.”

The event was held just one day before Katehi’s scheduled campus forum on Thursday, which was later postponed. Wednesday morning, UC Student Association (UCSA) confirmed rumors that UC President Janet Napolitano asked Katehi to resign from her role as chancellor.

Hambley said they were shocked it took this long for Napolitano to ask Katehi to step down. They also affirmed that Katehi’s resignation will not be the end of the organization’s movement.

“Even if she resigns in the next hour, we’ll still be here,” Hambley said. “This is only the beginning.”

Hambley said one of the major goals of the movement is to involve students, staff and faculty with the administration hiring process in order to hold administration more accountable for its actions.

 Fire Katehi supporter and fifth-year international relations major Kevin Gong said Katehi’s Kloset represented transparency and an effort to hold Katehi accountable for things she has not acknowledged. Gong said it made sense that Napolitano asked Katehi to step down but that realistically the whole UC organization needs an overhaul.

“It makes sense not because Napolitano wants her fired personally but because the UC system is under fire,” Gong said. “Asking Katehi to step down would make it seem as if she was just one bad apple in the whole system.”


Written by: Melissa Dittrich – campus@theaggie.org


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