52.1 F

Davis, California

Saturday, April 20, 2024

A toast to the 103rd Picnic Day


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Picnic Day is approaching, and, with it, so are the morning mimosas, afternoon mimosas, evening mimosas and bedtime mimosas. Kidding aside, Picnic Day is Davis’ unique opportunity to showcase exactly what makes the city and community special: the eccentric (and boozed-up) student body, the animals and the innovative ingenuity that underscores campus life and the day itself.

The Picnic Day staff has done its absolute best to put on a day that engages and entertains tens of thousands of people who will make the trek to Davis on Saturday, April 22. Their work is especially impressive this year, considering that ASUCD cut the entirety of its $5,000 subsidy to the Picnic Day unit from last year. Instead, Picnic Day has a negative subsidy this year, as the unit will give an estimated $11,500 in generated revenue back to the student association.

Nonetheless, the day will be chock-full of Picnic Day favorites, such as the Picnic Day Parade, the Doxie Derby and the Battle of the Bands, among hundreds of other events, performances, open houses and more. The Editorial Board commends the Picnic Day staff for putting in countless hours and setting up a day that is sure to be memorable, exciting and full of interesting events that will showcase our campus and community.

Students, a warning: BE SMART. The City of Davis has enacted a “Safety Enhancement Zone,” in which fines and penalties will be increased for legal violations. The campus and city will be swarming with law enforcement. Plus, you don’t want to be belligerent when you run into your professors or co-workers (looking at you, Aggie staff) on campus. Uphold the Principles of Community, enjoy the sunshine and make sure to experience all that the historic day has to offer. A full list of events can be found online at https://picnicday.ucdavis.edu.

For reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4anL9DzRn9s


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