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Senator Ko Ser Lu Htoo resigns

Htoo cites frustration with ASUCD president in resignation post

ASUCD Senator Ko Ser Lu Htoo, elected in the winter of 2018, announced her resignation from the senatorial position in a written farewell address to the Senate on Jan. 7.

“Although we have made great progress in the community, these past two quarters have been about fighting against one another and attacking an individual who doesn’t have similar views instead of working together to find common grounds,” Htoo wrote in a Facebook post.

Htoo ran on the BASED slate on platforms of increased resources for the LGBTQIA community, increased engagement with the International Center and the development of outreach efforts by the ASUCD Senate with the campus community. She was endorsed by The California Aggie.

In her Facebook post, Htoo mentioned feeling that some of her colleagues in the Senate were not interested in working for causes that she holds dear, such as the minority and LGBTQ community at UC Davis.

Last October, Htoo announced a complete opposition to working with ASUCD President Michael Gofman, citing his alleged disrespect to members of the LGBTQ community — an allegation Gofman firmly denied.

While thanking some of her colleagues for their cooperation and support, Htoo also indicated that ASUCD President Michael Gofman was one of the reasons for her resignation.

“My colleagues, this is the fight I have fought for a very long time to make sure our Association president is doing the best he can to make sure we are being represented, to make sure the people that elected him to be represented and advocated for them,” Htoo wrote on Facebook. “I have watched this president for one year and it has become a clear image that he failed to uphold his responsibilities and represent all of us.”

In an email to the California Aggie dated Jan. 10, Gofman declined to comment on Htoo’s resignation.

Written by: Rebecca Bihn-Wallace — campus@theaggie.org


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