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UC to pay more than $150,000 to workers over payroll issues

Agreement reached between UC, UAW 2865 over incorrect payments through new UCPath system

The University of California system and the United Auto Workers (UAW) 2865 union have come to a settlement over incorrect and missed payments to workers related to the implementation of the UC’s new payroll system, UCPath. Workers affected by incorrect paychecks will receive at least $150 after taxes. The total payout for these errors will be $162,375.94, according to The Sacramento Bee.

“For the past several months, UCPath leadership and staff and UAW 2865 leadership have been working diligently to identify the problems and address their root causes,” a joint statement from the UC and UAW 2865 said. “Today, both sides have reached an agreement to resolve academic student employee grievances about outstanding payroll issues.”

If a worker was affected for more than one month, they will receive an additional $150 per month, up to a $450 maximum. This is in addition to the regular compensation that the employees should have been paid. The affected dates for these payroll errors occurred in Fall 2018.

“Due to the underpayments and missed payments, many were forced to incur credit card debt, pay late fees on rent, and go without basic necessities,” a separate statement from the UAW 2865 said, which represents 19,000 academic student employees. “Because the University of California is currently exempt from wage theft laws in the state, workers had very little recourse except through their union.”

UC Davis is currently undergoing the transition from its old payroll system to UCPath, which will be uniformly used across the UC system. It will go live on April 1, according to The Sacramento Bee, after significant delays and the tripling of its projected implementation cost.

Written by: Kenton Goldsby — campus@theaggie.org


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