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ASUCD to hold special election this week

Three constitutional amendments from Fall Quarter election to be voted upon again

Three constitutional amendments will be put before students for a second time this quarter, as ASUCD plans to hold a special election this week. These amendments all failed last time they were put to a vote just two weeks ago.

The three amendments voters will see on the ballot will be Constitutional Amendment #63, CA #64 and CA #65 — the same three that students rejected two weeks ago. That election, however, was affected by numerous problems. These included the constitutional amendments being omitted from the ballot for the earliest voters on the first day of the election. Since the amendments were not on the ballot at the beginning, they were not available to be voted upon for the full 72 hours required by ASUCD elections code.

In the wake of issues like this one, the ASUCD Senate amended the ASUCD Bylaws to allow this election to take place and to put the amendments back before voters.

CA #63, or the “Elections Timing Amendment,” would move the Winter Quarter ASUCD elections to spring. This would align ASUCD with every other student government in the UC. To account for the current ASUCD officials who would have their terms normally end during winter quarter, a clause would be added to the constitution that would automatically extend the terms of those officials by one quarter.

CA #64, or the “Judicial Council Reform Amendment,” would reform ASUCD’s Judicial Branch to add a subordinate court to the Judicial Council, and would explicitly allow the Judicial Branch to rule on violations of the ASUCD Bylaws.

CA #65, or the Student Workers Rights Commission Amendment, would create a commission within ASUCD focused on supporting student workers within ASUCD and UC Davis as a whole. This would add one ex-officio, or non-voting, member to the ASUCD Senate.

Students will be able to vote on these three amendments this week at elections.ucdavis.edu.

Written by: Kenton Goldsby — campus@theaggie.org


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