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Best student resource center: Student Community Center

The popular campus center supports students of various backgrounds, both socially and academically


By LYNN CHEN — features@theaggie.org 


“Student Community Center” –– the name implies it all. The building, also called the SCC, is a safe space for all students. It houses various life centers and academic services, such as the Cross Cultural Center (CCC), LGBTQIA+ Resource Center, AB540 and Undocumented Student Center and the Undergraduate Resource Center, to support and empower students of various communities.

You can also find the CoHo South Cafe on the first floor to relax in as well as interesting club events hosted in the conference rooms to look out for. Additionally, the computer lab on the second floor provides a quiet space for students to work in.

“The [SCC] feels sort of small when you walk into the lobby compared to some other buildings on campus, but it’s actually a large building once you get into each of the centers,” Janna Tolla, director of student unions, said. “[Each center has] a lot of great space, but it’s nice because there’s still a tight-knit community.” 

According to Tolla, the design of the building, with the individual student centers branching out from a single lobby, creates a shared space for people to comfortably study and socialize in. 

Furthermore, the common spaces within the SCC are also places in which students can freely express themselves and discover their own community.

“Walking by rooms [in the SCC], you can hear others finding a space to really vocalize their feelings, and coming together to discuss everything and really process and think,” Madeline Galan, a fourth-year psychology major and the CCC’s resource coordinator, said. “That’s really important for communities.”

Each resource center works hard to educate, support and foster inclusivity within the different communities that they’re dedicated to. Tolla explained that these centers advocate for students on their behalf, get students the academic support they need and connect them to helpful resources around campus.

For instance, the CCC hosts workshops and discussions to learn about the diverse cultural backgrounds present on campus and how these backgrounds might intersect.

“[Our events] help you learn about other people’s cultures, but you can also learn more about your own culture,” Ritu Goyal, a third-year cognitive science major and the Asian American and Pacific Islander community coordinator at the CCC, said. “I think [these events] promote open-mindedness, inclusivity and cultural diversity.”

The physical space of the SCC was intentionally designed to create a comfortable atmosphere for students to be in.

A neutral color palette is utilized on the furniture, accessories and architecture of the inside of the building, a characteristic that Kerry Raffetto, assistant director for student unions pointed out. 

“In the main shared spaces of the building, we really work to keep it as a very calming environment for students,” Raffetto said.

The SCC also provides “reflection rooms,” which are quiet rooms for people to pray, meditate or reflect in. Raffetto emphasized the value of this resource center. 

“[The SCC] is truly just a place for people to connect, study and take a break,” Raffetto said.


Written by: Lynn Chen — features@theaggie.org 


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