45.6 F

Davis, California

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Police Briefs


It’s a bird, a plane…

A resident said something small came through her front window on Drexel Drive, possibly from a BB gun.

Got wheels?

Someone stole a bike seat and ran on foot through the bike path on Shasta Drive.

Mice in the attic

A resident heard something that sounded like someone was walking in the attic or roof of the apartment, and then heard people outside laughing and talking.


Too desperate

A subject called, texted AND e-mailed a resident on Scripps Drive.

Short cut

A male was standing in the center divide on Sycamore Lane and West Covell Boulevard.

Not short enough

Later, someone was sitting in the median at Anderson Road and F Street.

Fast and Furious, Davis Drift

Vehicles were racing up and down J Street.


Who let the dogs out?

A border collie mix and a Chihuahua and beagle mix were out and unattended on Chestnut Lane.

Bike gang

Juveniles with bandana masks were riding bikes on Drexel Drive.


Homesick and stranded

Someone was randomly crying on Second Street, while holding an Amtrak ticket with $37 written on it and asking for money to get home.

Trash collectors

A resident requested extra patrol for people moving trash cans and doorbell ditching late at night on Botticelli Place.

Suspicious satchel

An abandoned bag was just outside the main entrance on Russell Boulevard.

POLICE BRIEFS are compiled by POOJA KUMAR from the public logs of the Davis Police Department and represent the official version of what happened. View the crime blotter online at cityofdavis.org/police/log. This segment appears Tuesdays.


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