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Pedi-Pints Club is in trial period

Davis Pedicab and Sudwerk collaborated to create the Pedi-Pints Club. People have to take the Davis Pedicab service to Sudwerk in order to receive discounts on beer.

Sudwerk, located at 2001 Second Street, is part restaurant, part brewery, with the Davis Pedicab working solely with the brewery.

The Pedi-Pints program operates from Thursday to Saturday, 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. As of now, there are two different deals: the first is a one-time trial and the second is catered to the actual club, in which there is a membership card.

“For the one-time trial, if you show up on a pedicab [to Sudwerk], you get a discount,” said Andrew Watters, owner of Davis Pedicab.

A pint of beer is $2 and seasonal pints are $3 each.

The club requires members to pay $50 to receive the yearly deal. According to the Pedi-Pints Facebook page, members will receive a Pedi-Pints t-shirt, a growler with a free one-time fill and discounted refills, a Pedi-Pints mug that hangs on a rack in the Sudwerk Brewery Dock Store and a 10 percent discount at the restaurant.

According to Watters, the idea of Pedi-Pints was organic. He said it started when the Team LIVESTRONG Challenge occurred in Davis at the beginning of summer 2011.

“I talked to Trent Yackzan, [Sudwerk] brewery manager, during the event and we had a fundraiser where we would take people in pedicab rides to Sudwerk,” Watters said. “The proceeds went to the benefit, but it was done all kind of last minute.”

Watters said he and Yackzan decided they should do it regularly to create a program in town that would be a long-term part of the local identity.

As of now, Pedi-Pints is official but the club is still loose and needs some refinement.

“We’re trying to line up some bands,” Watters said. “Bands will play on the first Saturday of every month from 4 to 8 p.m.”

In terms of advertising, Watters said Facebook will be the main outlet. He said he does not anticipate that many people will sign up for the club just yet.

“We haven’t printed out cards yet but we have a logo ready to rock and information we need,” Watters said. “Once spring comes around, we’ll probably be rolling in more fluidly, but right now it’s a trial period.”

According to Watters, the point of Pedi-Pints is to have a safe ride to Sudwerk, have a good time and have a safe way home without having to think about it.

Davis Pedicab was established in January 2011. It has no set rate, meaning customers can pay whatever they think is fair. Payments are also adjusted according to different quadrants in town.

Although it is not officially confirmed, Watters said the local band Seamoose will be playing on the Feb. 4 weekend.

“This is for the students, for the locals and for the culture,” Watters said.

CLAIRE TAN can be reached at city@theaggie.org.


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