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Picnic Day: Then. Now. Always.

The rapid approach of Spring quarter brings warm weather, the start of new classes, graduations and, most importantly, Picnic Day. As April 21 draws closer, the coordinators are working quickly to make Picnic Day as thrilling and exciting as possible, including announcing a theme: “Then. Now. Always.”

“[This year’s Picnic Day will] have many returning events from previous years, such as the Doxie Derby, Chemistry Magic Show, entertainment stages, student-run food booths, multicultural crafts, department exhibits, the parade and, of course, animal events,” said Kevin Chuc, the vice chair of Picnic Day.

As for this year’s theme, the committee has chosen “Then. Now. Always.”

“[It] embodies community, Aggie pride and an emphasis on seeing Picnic Day continue for years to come,” said Jennifer Mappus, Picnic Day chair.

To promote both this new theme and Picnic Day in general, the Picnic Day board is trying to reach out to both first-year students and the greek community.

This theme centralizes around raising awareness about Picnic Day for new students, current students and alumni to promote a safe and fun Picnic Day for all.

“In conjunction with raising awareness, [first-year students] outreach has become a huge priority to educate current and incoming [first-year students] about this event,” Acsha Rothe, the publicity director for Picnic Day, said. “By creating new traditions as well as continuing old ones, this year’s Picnic Day board is doing everything it can to continue Picnic Day for years to come.”

As for the Picnic Day entertainment, the organizers are switching things up a little in hopes of creating the optimal amount of entertainment for Picnic Day participants.

“We’re getting rid of Wellman Stage to optimize the entertainment experience,” Justin Brown, the operations director of Picnic Day, said. “Last year, Main Stage and Wellman were detracting from one another at times. Look forward to an exciting lineup at all of the stages across campus.”

For students who want to get involved behind the scenes with Picnic Day, there are several ways to participate.

“For those who really want to get involved and learn about the workings of Picnic Day, I highly suggest becoming an assistant director with one of the Directors,” Chuc said.

In addition to helping out directors, students can also volunteer for Picnic Day.

“Picnic Day also utilizes and relies on over 400 volunteers each year,” Chuc said. “We ask volunteers to work two hours and for their service they receive a t-shirt and an opportunity to help make this great event a success.”

Students interested in volunteering can contact Jacquelyn Kong at volunteer@picnicday.ucdavis.edu or sign up at picnicday.ucdavis.edu.

CHARLOTTE YOUNG can be reached at campus@theaggie.org.


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