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Davis, California

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Police Briefs

Tuesday 1/28
Surprise party
An unknown male was inside the reporter’s apartment on Albany Avenue drinking and playing music. The reporter had no roommates and no idea how he got inside.

Wednesday 1/29
Makes skin crawl
A squirrel was found dead on Second Street appearing to have been skinned.

Give him some credit
On East Covell Boulevard, a transient asked if he could use the reporter’s credit card to see if it worked, saying he was a police officer investigating the reporter.

Friday 1/31
Someone was suspicious of a subject with a drill at the manhole on Glide Drive, believing it related to calls for the past few days about people trying to retrieve a cat.

Saturday 2/1
Drove him to drink
A seemingly drunk male was wandering through the street and tried to get into someone’s vehicle while they were stopped at the light on Anderson Road.

An unknown female pounded on someone’s door on Alvarado Avenue stating she lost her cat. When she saw the person’s kittens she tried to claim they were hers.

Police briefs are compiled from the City of Davis daily crime bulletins. Contact EINAT GILBOA at city@theaggie.org.


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