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Our favorite pick up lines


Students reveal their favorite pickup lines and if they would actually work

What’s your favorite pickup line, and would it work on you?

damien_amzallag_rovingreporter_fe_KnowlesDamien Amzallag, second-year economics and statistics double major

“What works surprisingly a lot is speaking in French. It wouldn’t work on me though, [since I] know the language.”





antoinette_machado_rovingreporter_fe_KnowlesAntoinette Machado, fourth-year plant science major

“‘How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice!’ I wouldn’t take the actual pickup line seriously, but I’ll appreciate the humor.”






martin_siragusa_rovingreporter_fe_KnowlesMartin Siragusa, fourth-year psychology major

“‘Do you use Windex to clean your jeans? Because I can see myself in them.’ I think it’ll make me laugh [and] if it was the right situation, it could start a conversation.”





najella_nawabi_rovingreporter_fe_KnowlesNajella Nawabi, third-year animal science major

“‘Are you a beaver, ‘cause damn!’ [When someone said that to me], it made me laugh. But [I said] no.”






emlla_canlas_rovingreporter_fe_KnowlesEmella (Amy) Canlas, third-year communication major

“‘You don’t look like you’re feeling so well — I think you need some vitamin Amy.’ If [someone said that to me and] made me laugh, it would work.”






juliet_hook_rovingreporter_fe_KnowlesJuliet Hook, third-year anthropology major

“‘I forgot my number, can I have yours?’ It could [work]. I think I would laugh and be shocked; it takes a lot of guts to [use a pickup line].”







Kyle Casey, second-year computer engineering major

“‘Are you the Mirror of Erised? Because when I look at you, I think I’m seeing my heart’s desire.’ Any girl ballsy enough [to say this to me and] make a Harry Potter pun would be interesting, at least.”





laura_long_rovingreporter_fe_KnowlesLaura Long, first-year psychology major

“It’s basketball-themed: ‘I’ll let you put your ball in my hoop.’ It would probably make me laugh and say no. It’s so literal!”






alany_valle_rovingreporter_fe_KnowlesAlany Valle, first-year animal biology major

“‘Are you Google? ‘Cause you’re all I’m searching for.’ It would make me laugh, and for the effort, [I would say] yes.”






brian_gee_rovingreporter_fe_KnowlesBrian Gee, fourth-year civil engineering major

“‘Even if there was no gravity on Earth, I’d fall for you.’ Yes, I think [this and] anything would work on me. It’s more about your intentions than what you’re actually saying.”






Sam Tick-Raker, first year communication major

“[My favorite] is so ridiculously odd and funny: ‘What time does the ocean close?’ Yeah [it would work on me], because it’s intriguing. That’s what pickup lines are about.





ivan_lee_rovingreporter_fe_KnowlesIvan Lee, second-year economics and international relations double major

“When you’re falling [out of] your seat, [saying] ‘I’m falling for you.’ [Having it work on me] really depends on how well the girl acts [while falling].”






Written by: Emilie DeFazio – features@theaggie.org


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