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Textiles and clothing major suspended by College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences


Major will not be offered in 2018-2019 school year

UC Davis students arriving to campus in fall of 2018 will be met with one less major available to them. The university recently announced that the textiles and clothing major will be suspended for the 2018-2019 school year.

While classes will still be offered for the 44 students currently enrolled in the textiles and clothing major to finish their degrees, students will no longer be able to switch into or apply for this major.

Selina Rubio is a second-year textiles and clothing major and was disappointed to hear about the suspension.

“When I originally found out about the suspension last year, I was shocked,” Rubio said. “I personally disagree with the decision to suspend the major.”

Rubio asserted the importance of having this major available to current and future students.

“Although I do not have any clear idea why it was suspended in the first place, the fashion industry employs millions of people, so I know my major is relevant, important and valuable,” Rubio said.

Textiles and clothing chair You-Lo Hsieh said she hoped to clear up any confusion regarding the suspension.

“The decision was made by our college administration and not based on quality nor needs of the academic programs,” Hsieh said.

Hsieh also asserted the relevance and importance of the major at a UC campus.

“California has the nation’s largest apparel industry and is leading the U.S. fiber, textile, apparel sectors into new apparel industry and is leading the U.S. fiber-related industry,” Hsieh said.

Hsieh also said she hoped to ensure current students, as well as creatively-driven individuals, about efforts being taken on the faculty’s part in response to the suspension.

“Our faculty has continued to seek creative ways to continue core curriculum by collaborating with other academic programs in our colleges and across campus,” Hsieh said.

It is still unclear whether the suspension is temporary or will become permanent.

Sue Ebeler, an associate dean in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, revealed that plans to suspend the major have been in the works since 2009.

“A CA&ES Academic Prioritization Committee suggested disestablishing the Division of Textiles and Clothing and reorganizing the major,” Ebeler said.

Discussions of potentially reorganizing the major are underway.


Written by: Ally Russell — campus@theaggie.org

Editor’s note: this article was originally published with a photo depicting the Department of Design. It has been updated with a photo of the Division of Textiles and Clothing.


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