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2,500 more students will enroll in UC system next year, with no tuition hike

UC Regents approve $9.3 billion budget

The UC Board of Regents recently approved a budget of $9.3 billion for the 2019-20 school year. According to an email by Julia Ann Easley, a news and media relations specialist for UC Davis, the budget will account for an additional 2,500 more California undergraduates to UC enrollment systemwide.

It’s unclear how this increase in budget allocated for more students will affect UC Davis.

“It’s too early to know how that will affect enrollment at individual campuses, including UC Davis,” said Steven Weisler, the interim associate vice chancellor of enrollment management in a statement sent to The California Aggie via Easley.

According to an article from the LA Times, the budget approved by the Regents will “increase support for struggling students without raising tuition.” Easley said enrolled students also help fund financial aid through part of their tuition.

“A portion of the revenue from the tuition students pay is set aside for financial aid,” Easley said. “So, since financial aid is determined and funded depending on the size of the class, more money would become available if more students enroll.”

A briefing from the University Office of the President said that UC’s goals include producing “over 200,000 more UC degrees by 2030,” eliminating graduation gaps and “investing in the next generation of faculty and research.”

Projections from the Public Police Institute of California show that there will be an increasing demand for workers who have bachelorette degrees, according to the brief.

While UC Berkeley and UCLA are “nearing their on-campus capacity,” UC Santa Barbara, UC Riverside and UC Merced have about half or less of the enrollments of these campuses, with room for population growth.

Written By: Sabrina Habchi — theaggie@campus.org


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