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Best Coho Venue: TxMx

Southwestern Tex-Mex option serves greatest “bang for your buck”

At the CoHo, located centrally on campus by the MU and the Quad, it is not uncommon to see students rushing to their favorite choices to beat the crowd before rushing off to their next class. With a variety of options, from bagels, salads, sushi and more, one option reigns supreme: TxMx. Winning 27.9% of the vote, with the Fickle Pickle’s sandwiches coming in a close second at 23.1%, it is clear that this Southwestern Tex-Mex restaurant is a UC Davis favorite.   

For second-year managerial economics major Isabelle Zuroske, there are a variety of reasons to love TxMx.

“I really like the taste of it, the guacamole is pretty good,” Zuroske said. “I also really like the tortillas; they are warmed which makes it a lot better. Also, the cheese is always melted on the burritos.” 

Besides the taste of the food, she considers it to be the CoHo with the best “bang for your buck.”

“It’s really good food, but the price is perfect,” Zuroske said. “If you go to the salad place, you have to spend $10 for a really good salad. But you can get a rice, bean, cheese burrito for $3 or a California burrito for $7.”

Zuroske likes TxMx because she knows she will always be filled up with enough energy for the rest of her day without breaking the bank. She does not, however, leave feeling overly stuffed, noting she can still feel full with lighter options.

“The California burrito is my go-to,” Zuroske said. “But if I don’t want something quite as heavy, I’ll go for a taco bowl. They still come with a lot of food and they are still filling. I like how they always give out apples too. It’s perfect; you can have a more balanced meal.”

Zuroske usually visits TxMx twice a week, depending on how often she is on campus. Although she anticipates a long line of other TxMx fans, she continues to keep coming back to her favorite CoHo restaurant.

“There is almost always a line during lunch hour,” Zuroske said. “I make sure I have an hour between classes, and I will devour my burrito in the CoHo. The line is long; you have to stand there for 20 minutes to get your food, but it’s worth it for me.” 

Written by: Caroline Rutten — arts@theaggie.org


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