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Best On-Campus Bathroom: Mondavi Performing Arts Center

Well, we’ve all got to go, and the best place to go on campus is the Mondavi Performing Arts Center, according to 35.6% of respondents. If someone is willing to go this far out of their way from campus to use a specific toilet, then that shows commitment to the business of doing business. For most of us, however, the Mondavi Center bathroom is most likely occupied during a show. 

Upon walking into the bathroom, the lighting is soft and perfectly dimmed to create an experience unlike the one felt in the campus bathrooms built in the 1950s when people were half our size and thought fluorescent lighting was inviting. Did I mention the large gap in the stalls that make the accidental eye gaze possible?

Mazze Whiteley, a second-year transfer and psychology major, expressed why he thinks the Mondavi Center bathroom is the fan favorite.

“It’s likely a favorite because they keep it very clean, it is newly designed and has the feel of a higher end bathroom suite,” Whiteley said. 

The bathroom in the Mondavi Center is clearly more clean and spacious than others on campus, and it looks like the bathroom on the first floor of an art museum (definitely mirror selfie worthy). And cleanliness and space is an important factor for students — the brand new California Hall bathroom took 33.9% of the votes.

The bathroom does make good use of the announcement system, which can make students feel like they’re not on a college campus but instead possibly a department store. Whiteley acknowledged that people may need the announcements during intermissions to let guests know when it’s time to return to their seats. 

Whichever throne you tweet from in the middle of the day, remember to wash your hands when you’re done. 

Written by: Josh Madrid — features@theaggie.org 

By JOSH MADRID — features@theaggie.org 


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