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Best Place to Meet Singles: The Bars

“Liquid courage” goes a long way

It’s Thursday night and yet another three hours of your life have been sacrificed to the 24-hour room. Lost in thought, you’ve come to the conclusion that the only thing more boring than that Chem 2B textbook you’ve been glazing over is your love life. If you’re in need of a remedy to this dire situation, the Davisites have spoken, and with 43% of the vote, the bars are the top spot to meet singles and spice up your social life — beating out dating apps like Tinder and Hinge, which secured 35.4% of the vote. 

Tom Robey, a fourth-year neurobiology, physiology and biology major, touted Mojito Night at Bistro 33 with its open layout and laid back atmosphere as his favorite spot to spark a friendship.

“I’ve met a couple of people who I’m still friends with from Mojito and from bars in general,” Robey said. “There have been people who I’ve actually gotten really close to and our first conversation was over a pitcher.”

For a more low-key date night, Robey suggested checking out DeVere’s Whiskey Wednesdays, which offers intimate low lighting and half-priced whiskey drinks.

“If you wanted to take somebody there on a date or meet somebody new, I think that’s a good place to sit down and talk over whiskey drinks,” Robey said.

Brooke Kaplan, a fourth-year human development major, noted that the presence of a little bit of liquid courage goes a long way in getting people to loosen up and initiate novel conversations.

“I definitely have been approached by guys I’ve never met at the bars or just people In general,” Kaplan said. “The thing about the bars is everyone is drinking and when you’re drinking, you become a lot friendlier. You’re definitely more likely to meet people that you don’t know when there’s some alcohol involved.”

So once it’s safe to gather in groups again, grab your friends, stop swiping and head downtown to make a few genuine connections.

Written by: Andrew Williams — features@theaggie.org 


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