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Best UC Davis Sport to Watch: Basketball

Students say basketball games allow them to feel like they are part of a community

Whether it’s a chilly afternoon in late Fall Quarter or a cold night at any point throughout Winter Quarter, heading to The Pavilion and watching the Aggies play basketball is a staple for many students at UC Davis. 

Taking home 40% of the vote, basketball at UC Davis is one of the campus’ must-see attractions, largely due to the success that both the women’s and men’s programs have had in recent years. Both teams provide fans with thrilling finishes year in and year out, especially in the Big West Conference, where the majority of the contests are neck and neck. 

For second-year math major Sharon Sandoval, going to basketball games allows her to feel like she’s a part of the school community and to experience the thrill of the sport in a more compact environment. 

“I enjoy the atmosphere,” Sandoval said. “Being inside is a plus and I feel like, since it is, everyone in the crowd is closer, building a stronger front when supporting the team.”

Fourth-year history major Robert Henderson echoes the claim, explaining what separates a UC Davis basketball game from other sporting events.

“The atmosphere is insanely fun,” Henderson said. “If you get there early enough and grab a seat in the first row, you’re right on top of the action and you can feel the energy.” 

Being able to sit right near the action adds another unique element that is hard to replicate for fans of other sports. Both Sandoval and Henderson credit the up-beat style of play that each team utilizes at these games, making every moment of the games exciting. 

With both teams constantly right in the mix of the conference championship picture, basketball has become one of the most popular sports at UC Davis. The excellent coaching staff in place for both sides will make it take a lot to stop these programs in the near future. 

Written by: Omar Navarro — features@theaggie.org


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