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ASUCD fall 2021 election results announced

Three independent candidates and three BASED candidates were elected to fill the six available Senate seats

By SOPHIE DEWEES — campus@theaggie.org

In this fall’s election, seven candidates ran for six seats in ASUCD Senate, two candidates ran for external affairs vice president (EAVP), one candidate ran for transfer student representative and one candidate ran for international student representative. 

Continuing the trend of historically low voter turnout in ASUCD elections, only 762 students, or 2.4% of the undergraduate population participated. Voter turnout was down this election by 3.6 percentage points from last fall. 

For Senate, Radhika Gawde (Independent), Gaius Ilupeju (Independent), Dennis Liang (BASED), Celeste Palmer (Independent), Kelechi Orji (BASED) and Sofia Saraj (BASED) were elected. 

BASED received 328 or 43.04% of the votes and independent candidates received 434 or 56.96% of the votes.

EAVP Shruti Adusumilli ran as an independent and was re-elected for the position.

Tariq Azim and Keven Zhou ran uncontested for transfer student representative and international student representative, respectively, and were elected. 

With 606 votes in favor, 69 against and 179 abstaining, the Elections Committee Restructuring Amendment passed.

The Commission Numbering Acronym Amendment passed with 685 votes for, 29 against and 140 abstaining from voting.

Finally, 698 students voted to pass the PELP Acronym Amendment, 28 students voted against and 137 abstained.

Written by: Sophie Dewees — campus@theaggie.org


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