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Best Davis-specific Instagram account: @cheetodaily

The Instagram account features Cheeto, the campus cat, and his daily adventures


By MADISON PETERS — features@theaggie.org  

The Instagram account @cheetodaily, dedicated to the beloved campus cat Cheeto, has won Best Davis-Specific Instagram Account. With 32.6% of the vote, the orange tabby beat many popular Davis Instagram accounts such as @ucdfits.

The account has a whopping 11.8 thousand followers and 1,251 posts and counting.

Created back in 2019, the account’s popularity has only skyrocketed since, according to a past article from The California Aggie.

The account showcases this friendly feline’s day-to-day adventures on campus, most of which consist of his two favorite activities: lounging in the sun and getting attention.

Cheeto has been around campus since 2011 and is taken care of by the Physics Department, according to the UC Davis website

Fiona McInnes-Messamer, a third-year psychology major and avid follower of @cheetodaily, commented on her appreciation for the Cheeto posts.

“I first followed the Cheeto Instagram account freshman year,” McnInnes-Messamer said. “Since then, it’s been a great account to look at when I’m having a rough day or feel sad and need something to make me smile.”

Although Cheeto has been spotted all around campus, his favorite spot is by the Physics Building. Zoe Hareng, a fourth-year neuroscience major, spoke of her fondness for Cheeto.

“Every time I go to my physics class, I look for Cheeto,” Hareng said. “I literally take the long way to his little area to see if I can find him. One time, I found him and he was loafing, and it was the cutest thing ever.”

Anyone who spots Cheeto on campus is encouraged to send photo submissions via Direct Message, according to the biography of the account. 

When asked to comment on his fame as a social media influencer, Cheeto refused and decided to take a nap instead.

Cheeto continues to bring happiness to the Davis community, and the posts are intended to help spread his love.

“Posting daily pics/vids to help you destress!” the account’s biography reads.

Written by: Madison Peters — features@theaggie.org 


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