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Best dessert shop: Davis Creamery

The family-owned ice cream shop’s unique flavors and welcoming environment make it a Davis staple 


By LAILA AZHAR — features@theaggie.org 


From Kit Kat Nutella to Avocado Coconut, Davis Creamery’s unique assortment of ice cream flavors helped the shop win in the Best Dessert Shop category with 45.8% of student votes.

Located in Downtown Davis, the family-owned ice cream parlor strives to create a “welcoming, enjoyable environment for all ages,” according to their website.

Co-owner Jen Schmidt owns the store alongside her husband and noted that, because of its location in Davis, college students make up a large portion of the store’s employees. She also described how the community-oriented spirit is integral to the business. 

“I really enjoy our employees [and…] giving kids their first jobs,” Schmidt said. 

One way the shop connects with its customers is with its annual flavor idea competition: Bracketology. As part of Bracketology, customers submit their ideas for ice cream flavors, and 16 of these ideas are then selected for a bracket. Customers vote on which flavors move on to the next level in the competition. 

“It’s a fun way to get the community involved,” Schmidt said. 

Flavors from the most recent Bracketology include chocolate potato chip, animal cracker and peanut butter pancakes with maple syrup. 

Previous winners, such as brigadeiro (a Brazilian dessert) and trifecta, have become staples of the store’s menu. Davis residents are welcome to participate in this annual event every March. More information about Bracketology can be found on their website, originaldaviscreamery.com

The store has been a part of the Davis community for 17 years, and Schmidt’s family purchased it eight years ago. Both Schmidt and her husband grew up in family businesses, and Davis Creamery has served as a way for them to continue that tradition while also providing their kids with a space to learn about running a business. 

“It’s something we talk about at dinner; it’s something me and my husband enjoy working together on,” Schmidt said. “It’s a family activity that we’re all involved in at some level.” 

Davis Creamery’s ice cream is made daily, with an emphasis on using local ingredients.

Schmidt cites honey fig and goat cheese, along with orange blossom honey, as her favorite flavors. With its rotating menu and wide range of flavors, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. It’s clear why this community-oriented family business was chosen as Best Dessert Shop in Davis.


Written by: Laila Azhar — features@theaggie.org


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