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Best food truck: Shah’s Halal Food

This food truck is popular for its consistent taste and great service


By MAYA KORNYEYEVA — features@theaggie.org 


Shah’s Halal Food, one of the most beloved food trucks on campus (by both students and faculty alike), took the top spot in this year’s “Best of Davis” by a significantly large margin — and it isn’t difficult to see why. 

There are two Shah’s food trucks available for Davis residents, with one parked next to Trader Joe’s on Russell Boulevard and the other on campus, directly next to the Silo. Shah’s is the very first food truck to open on the UC Davis campus (circa 2009) and has been serving students for 15 years. 

This year, practically every time I pass by Rock Hall and the Silo on my way to class, there are students lined up at the front of the truck or walking away with a white takeout box and a smile on their faces. The truck is a bright red, with images of the various meals Shah’s has to offer along with special items and methods of payment — they even take Aggie Cash!

Shah’s Halal Food is hailed consistently as reliable and convenient by students, especially because of their friendly nature and efficient service. When I purchased a bowl of chicken over rice the other day, I was greeted with a friendly “hello,” and my order was finished in less than two minutes after the cashier swiped my card. That’s the type of speed that students tend to cherish, especially when they have another class to speed off to after lunch or a bus home to catch.

The food itself is incredibly delicious. Featuring and elevating Middle Eastern flavors, Shah’s combines strong hot sauce for spice, sour cream for a creamy palette cleanser, shredded lettuce, meat and rice (or pita bread) to create a culinary masterpiece. The value and amount of food is exceptional for the price, and the bowl comes piping hot and aromatic. 

Ultimately, Shah’s Halal Food is a food truck that customers are sure to place among the best for many years to come, due to their “variety of flavorful entrees geared toward both meat-eaters and vegetarians,” according to a past article from The California Aggie about a Shah’s Best of Davis win. Their well-balanced, colorful meals are a perfect way to boost your energy and replenish the nutrients that your body needs. From first-years to fourth-years to alumni — all fervently recommend a trip to this established location.


Written by: Maya Kornyeyeva — features@theaggie.org


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