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Best pizza: Woodstock’s

The college town staple takes the crown 


By OLIVIA HOKR — features@theaggie.org


Students at UC Davis have selected Woodstock’s Pizza as the best pizza in Davis, receiving 45.5% of votes in the category. As a popular college town restaurant known for its atmosphere, drinks and most importantly, the pizza, it is no surprise that Woodstock’s is as much of a staple as it is.

In December 2022, Woodstock’s reopened in a new location at 238 G St. The location’s increased size while keeping the same aura as before the move attracts even more college students and Davis locals than ever before. 

Maudi Gloria, the assistant general manager, has been at Woodstock’s for six years. She has admired the community that is brought together by the pizza joint through weekly events and sports games. 

“It’s always so great when there’s a [sports] game,” Gloria said. “We see the same faces. Thursday nights, I know which people are coming in and I know what they’re going to order. I get to see them and check in on them.” 

Gloria shared some of the deals they offer that make it a great option for college students, such as BOGO Mondays, pitcher deals and the student deal. 

Zachary Ardzrooni, a third-year political science major, and frequent customer at Woodstock’s, explained why it has grown to become his favorite spot. 

“Me and my friends would go often for sporting events, but now we just go every Monday because of the weekly deals,” Ardzrooni said. “Woodstock’s captures the college experience and creates a fun time rather than just a typical place to eat.”

Woodstock’s offers a diverse menu with both classic and unique pizzas. A fan favorite, according to Gloria, is the Kickin’ Carnitas, featuring southern chipotle sauce, slow marinated carnitas, crispy bacon, red onions and fresh cilantro. 

“Our Kickin’ Carnitas probably stands out the most,” Gloria said. “Once you have it, you’re like ‘That’s the one I want.’ It’s just such a standout option that you don’t see at a lot of places.”

Woodstock’s is a place you go for the energy and experience and leave with the desire to return, yet again, at least for the pizza. Esther Song, a second-year biological sciences major, went to Woodstock’s for the first time for their weekly trivia night. After trying the Kickin’ Carnitas pizza, she has made it her go-to pizzeria. 

“I was expecting just another pizza restaurant, you know?,” Song said. “I didn’t expect it to become such a significant part of living in Davis. This year I went to Woodstock’s to watch the Super Bowl because I knew it would be fun, and I don’t even like football.” 


Written by: Olivia Hokr — features@theaggie.org


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