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Best restaurant: Guads Tacos & Beer

The downtown restaurant proves to be a favorite among UC Davis students


By BENJAMIN CARRILLO — features@theaggie.org 


Guads Tacos & Beer was voted as Best Restaurant in Davis by the majority of this year’s Best of Davis survey respondents. This 3rd Street restaurant received 38% of the student-body vote and is known for its good vibes and close proximity to campus. 

Guads is owned by two brothers, Rigo and Chris Hernandez, and was created in July 2021. The restaurant was designed with a college student audience in mind after the brothers noted the larger college student population in the Davis area. The restaurant is also a branch of two Taqueria Guadalajara restaurants, which are also located in Davis. 

After seeing the popularity of the Taqueria Guadalajara restaurants among college students, the brothers decided to make a restaurant with a name that was more modernized and closer to the campus itself. The name, Guads, was inspired by the name that students often call Taqueria Guadalajara. 

“I’m so proud of the name that we’ve made for ourselves in Davis,” Rigo said. “I feel proud of what we’re doing in the town, and for the college kids as a whole.” 

Where Guads differentiates itself from the sister locations of Taqueria Guadalajara is in the selection of alcohol and the general atmosphere. While Taqueria Guadalajara is a place that keeps all audiences in mind, Guads is a place that is specifically geared toward the younger crowd. The restaurant offers a number of beers on tap, both inside and outside seating and an environment that promotes socializing. The location even offers exclusively brewed beers, such as the Guads Blonde Ale. 

Max Wozniak, a first-year aerospace and mechanical engineering major, talked about the reasons why he enjoys Guads over other restaurants in Davis.

“I love the atmosphere, [and] I feel as if the employees there really care about who I am,” Wozniak said. “Not to mention it doesn’t break the bank like other restaurants around Davis.” 

Despite the name, the place isn’t known for just tacos and has a wide variety of Mexican cuisine that can satisfy any craving. 

“My order definitely depends on how hungry I am, but, normally, I go for a regular burrito with chicken,” Wozniak said. “If I’m feeling extremely hungry, I’ll go for a chicken quesadilla. 

Guads is definitely a restaurant that strives for quality, and it shows in all the food they make.” 

Next time you’re craving a taco, a beer or free chips and salsa after class, head on over to Guads Tacos & Beer.

Written by: Benjamin Carrillo — features@theaggie.org


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