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Davis, California

Friday, February 23, 2024

Best Bar

1. de Vere’s Irish Pub
217 E St.

2. Sophia’s Thai Kitchen
129 E St.

3. Tie: Little Prague
330 G St.

Tres Hermanas
805 Second St.

So you’ve gotten to your senior year and you’ve reached the ultimate trifecta: finally lost your freshman fifteen, figured out how to get A’s without going to class and are officially 21 on your actual ID. But you had to sacrifice — you never studied abroad!

Have no fear, because De Vere’s Irish Pub arrived in Davis in November for your international drinking pleasures. There, you can discover the tastes of Ireland in the bar voted number one by UC Davis students.

Co-owner Henry de Vere White said the pub’s strength is that it appeals to a wide crowd.

“We try to offer a place approachable to all walks of life, with parents and children sitting next to students drinking beers next to professors,” de Vere White said.

Part of what makes De Veres unique is its “Whiskey Society,” which costs $50 for a lifetime membership. Members are able to get whiskey at discount on any given day, and on two Tuesdays a month can participate in whiskey tastings. On the alternate Tuesdays, special whiskeys are offered at a 20 percent discount.

Senior community and regional development major Isa Del Signore Dresser said she goes to de Vere’s at least once every weekend. She enjoys playing games there and drinking a hard cider with her friends.

“The interior is really nice. It has a very European feel and there are lots of big comfy booths and couches. When I studied abroad there was an Irish pub called Scholars that we went to all the time and De Vere’s has a very similar style,” Del Signore said.

The second place winner, Sophia’s Thai Kitchen, is popular for its Tuesday trivia night, live music and laid-back atmosphere. It’s also a good place to go if you’ve been waiting for a chance to corner your TA outside the classroom.

The G Street bars Tres Hermanas and Little Prague, tied for third place, both have dance floors and lively music to satisfy those looking to end their night with a bang.

— Melissa Freeman


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