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Best Fitness Class: Cycling

Cycling classes are promoting a healthy lifestyle for students looking for a fun workout 

By MARLON ROLON — features@theaggie.org

Cycling is not just a method of transportation in Davis — it’s a form of fitness to improve cardio, strength and overall health. Because of these health benefits, cycling is offered as a fitness class at the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC). 

  Thirty-eight percent of surveyors voted cycling as the best fitness class offered at the ARC. In addition to the health perks, students take the fitness class with friends in a group for the simple joy of spending time together while exercising. 

For third-year computer science major Deepa Marti, joining the cycling club is a form of changing her exercise routine. 

“I’ve always enjoyed taking group exercise classes and after running a lot this year, I was looking forward to a different form of exercise that was engaging and fun,” Marti said. “My friend suggested we go to a class during the trial period, called ‘Try Before You Buy,’ at the beginning of this quarter and I really enjoyed the class and decided to buy a pass.”

For other students like third-year communication major Vivian Tran, cycling is a way to socialize with people and decompress.

“There are so many benefits since it is a place you can meet new people and socialize on top of exercising,” Tran said. “It’s a place where I can go and forget about all the hardships of the day.” 

The ARC offers these classes seven days a week and multiple times per day in an indoor cycling studio with upbeat music for extra motivation. One of the unique features of the class is the music, which plays an important role in enhancing different sets of challenges throughout the workout.

Cycling Studio in UC Davis Activities and Recreation Center. (Benjamin Cheng/ The Aggie)

“The class is built around a playlist of songs that the instructor develops,” Marti said. “Each song has a different focus such as hills, sprinting, tabata and jumps, so it isn’t boring.”

Inside the studio, there are Schwinn bikes with experienced instructors that help facilitate the class to ensure a fun and pleasant workout. In addition, no skill level is required, making it beginner friendly.

 Members have the option to exercise at their own pace by controlling the resistance feature on the bike. Increasing the resistance on the bike will result in a more intensive workout. 

“The cycling classes are really nice because you can adjust the level of difficulty by adding or removing resistance to your bike,” Marti said. “The instructors are super nice and will help you set up the bike.” 

The fitness class is relatively new at UC Davis. The Arc first offered the classes in late 2021 and has become a go-to staple for students who seek to physically challenge themselves.

“This class does challenge you as you’re constantly aiming for improvement, ” Tran said. “It’s a very healthy challenge that promotes growth.”

 There are three different types of cycle options throughout the day: early morning cycle, cycle strength and cycle. The length of the class lasts between 45 to 60 minutes depending on the instructor. Additionally, each class has a set of unique differences between them.

The cycling class is offered every quarter with the option of trialability. It is rapidly growing in popularity among students who look to make healthy lifestyle changes or even just have fun. 

“I would definitely recommend other students looking for a fun and good workout to take this class,” Marti said. “At the beginning of each quarter, all the group exercise classes at the ARC have a ‘Try Before You Buy’ period. So you can try the class for free, and if you like it, buy a pass.”

Written by: Marlon Rolon — features@theaggie.org


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