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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Best Breakfast

1. Crepeville
330 Third St.

2. Black Bear Diner
255 Second St.

3. Cafe Bernardo
234 D St.

Whether it’s after a long night of brain-draining studying or hard-core partying, breakfast is an integral part to any college student’s day. And students agree that with a breakfast that consists of 31 different crepe options and a mound of potatoes on the side, you can’t go wrong.

Crepeville has once again claimed the title of number one breakfast destination in Davis. Perla Salazar, Crepeville’s manager, believes this is due to the amount of food given for the price.

“Students definitely appreciate the quantity of food they get. They are getting what they pay for,” Salazar said.

Crepeville is open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. and serves its signature breakfast crepes throughout the day, giving students the opportunity to have a great breakfast at whatever time they wake up. Salazar added that on Saturdays, morning is their busiest time but on the weekdays, it is usually around lunchtime or even later.

Students also agree that the quality of the food is just as good as the sheer quantity.

“When I had a crepe there for the first time it was so good. Like, finger-licking good,” said Nayla Hojman, senior exercise biology major.

Elizabeth Trockey also agreed and added that everything is good there, not just their crepes.

“I really like their potatoes and their mimosas are great, too, because they are made with fresh-squeezed oranges,” Trockey said.

Salazar said the most popular menu items among students are the dessert crepes.

“But besides [those], the other two most popular crepes would be the California Crepe and the Chicken Pesto Crepe,” Salazar said.

Coming in at second and third are Black Bear Diner, known for its huge portions and Café Bernardo, known for using local and seasonal ingredients.

— Claire Maldarelli


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