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Davis, California

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Best Burrito

1. Taqueria Guadalajara
640 W Covell Blvd.
417 Mace Blvd.

2. Chipotle
227 E St.

3. Dos Coyotes
1411 W. Covell Blvd.
2191 Cowell Blvd.

Taqueria Guadalajara, despite being farther from campus than the downtown restaurants, has yet again secured the award for best burrito in Davis.

Affectionately known as “Guad’s” by the student body, Taqueria Guadalajara is home to the Regular Burrito ($4.45), the Super Burrito ($5.45) and the Super Giant Burrito ($10).

“If I’m gonna get Mexican food, I’m gonna come here,” said sophomore nutrition science major Stephanie Anderson.

What many customers like about Guad’s is not just the taste of the burritos, but the presentation. Other burrito joints like Chipotle and Dos Coyotes also have great tasting burritos, but they often fall apart when trying to eat them, according to some customers. Guad’s offers tightly wrapped burritos, packed with flavor and easy to handle.

Guad’s also offers many perks not available at other burrito restaurants. Every meal comes with unlimited free chips and salsa. It even has a vegetarian burrito if meat isn’t your normal fare.

Perhaps the most well known aspect of Guad’s is its thirst-quenching, sweet-tooth-satisfying horchata.

“This food is more authentic and it’s a good location, but the horchata is the main reason I come here,” said sophomore physics major Ethan Krajnovich.

Rounding out the top three are Chipotle and Dos Coyotes.

— Hudson Lofchie


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