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Best Clothing Store

1. Forever 21
875 Russell Blvd.

2. Target
4601 Second St.

3. The Gap
500 First St.

If you’re wondering why two girls who just walked into class are sporting the same jacket that you just purchased yesterday, the coincidence can probably be traced back to UC Davis’ apparel hot-spot: Forever 21.

One of the only large clothing retailers within a short walk of campus, Forever 21 offers students affordable, up-to-date garments as well as accessories. As implied in the name, the store’s major target market is a demographic of young adults — found in abundance in a college town.

Junior art history major Alex Craven said that low prices are her incentive to shop at Forever 21.

“It’s cheap! And I’m also most familiar with this store,” Craven said.

The franchise, which opened in 2011 and is located at the University Mall shopping center, is conveniently situated next to Starbucks and other heavily patronized eateries. With multiple entrances and exits, customers are able to drop in after perusing other indoor shops or head straight to the shopping destination through the outdoor storefront.

Though most of the store’s merchandise is geared toward women, Forever 21 also includes a section of men’s apparel, including outerwear, shoes and accessories.

Store employee Sierra Rudolph said the easygoing customers, as well as trained co-workers and an orderly store are what make Forever 21 the best.

“The customers are great, and the employees are wonderful. With smaller stores, everything starts to get messy. We really try to keep the store organized,” Rudolph said.

The second and third place winners, Target and The Gap respectively, also offer affordable clothing. However, both present a larger distance challenge for those who prefer not to use four wheels.

— Kelsey Smoot


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