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Davis, California

Monday, April 15, 2024

Best Coffee

1. Mishka’s Café
610 Second St.

2. Tie: Starbucks

ASUCD Coffee House
Memorial Union

3. Peet’s Coffee

For many sleep-deprived students, coffee is a life saver for getting them through heavy course loads and every day student obligations. This year, Aggies have voted Mishka’s Cafe the number one spot to grab a cup of coffee, espresso or tea.

In 1995, Mishka’s opened with the hope of providing the city of Davis with a café that resembled what one would find in Europe. In early 2011, Mishka’s Café moved to 610 Second St., next door to the Davis Varsity Theatre.

“It’s been 17 years. I was young and naïve and I just thought it would be sort of a wonderful idea to have a European style coffee shop with a lot of space to sit down and talk and have a really nice warm atmosphere. That was the goal,” said Mishka’s owner Sisa Novakodic.

Mishka’s Café serves an assortment of coffee and espresso drinks, teas and pastries. There are numerous places to sit down inside and a few tables outside in the front of the building, which makes it an ideal location to hang out with friends or study for an upcoming exam.

“People mention that we have great coffee and many, many, many teas and a very pleasant building atmosphere,” Novakodic said. “They feel comfortable here, like it’s their living room.”

Starbucks and ASUCD Coffee House tied at second place, and Peet’s Coffee and Tea came in third.

— Priscilla Wong


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