58.5 F

Davis, California

Friday, May 17, 2024

Best Drink Special

1. Sophia’s Thai Kitchen
129 E St.

2. Tie: Sudwerk
2001 Second St.

3rd and U Cafe
223 Third St.

3. Davis Beer Shoppe
211 G St.

Specials hold a fond place in all college kids’ hearts. After all, what could be better than getting something at a discounted price? Well, it would be getting alcohol at a discounted price.

Two-dollar-off draft beers, $5 cocktail drinks, and $3 well drinks during happy hour earned Sophia’s Thai Kitchen the name of Davis’ best drink special.

Emily Mekinna, waitress at Sophia’s, said that she thinks exotic flavor sets their drinks apart from others.

“Our drink specials are very affordable and very unique — and always very good,” Mekinna said.

Take the Thaibreaker for example: light rum, gold rum, Malibu, Myers’s, apple brandy, pineapple juice and 151 float make for a truly one-of-a-kind drink.

“Our mojito’s are so good that they’re county-famous,” Mekinna said.

Sudwerk, with $1 pints and 3rd and U, offering 3 pints for $6.50 came in second for their happy hour specials.

Third place winner The Davis Beer Shoppe offers discounted beer shots during happy hour.

— Sara Islas


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