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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Best Pizza

1. Village Bakery
814 Second St.

2. Woodstock’s Pizza
219 G St.

3. Uncle Vito’s Slice of N.Y.
524 Second St.

Looking for the best slice of pizza in Davis? Located at 814 Second St., Village Bakery has been voted the best pizza in Davis and is therefore one spot not to be missed when a pizza craving arrives.

Laura Doyle, manager at Village Bakery, believes that there are many reasons why consumers love the pizza there.

“We focus on the dough. The recipe is really, really good and it’s one of the reasons our pizza is so good,” Doyle said. “We don’t over-handle the dough, which keeps the air bubbles in there. The air bubbles we manage to keep in our dough is one of the reasons that our dough is so chewy.”

Doyle said that one of the things that makes Village Bakery so charming is that they use a brick oven.

“People really like the brick oven,” Doyle said.

She said that Village Bakery is a great place because it has a certain charm about it. It has pizza by the slice and hasn’t increased its prices.

“We’re a place someone can come with their kids,” Doyle said. “Families in Davis come here a lot.”

Ahmad Soltani, a customer at Village Bakery, gives the pizza a “thumbs-up.” According to Soltani, Village Bakery is great because his kids love going there and because it has great ingredients.

“It’s all fresh, they make everything themselves,” Soltani said. “The pizza is unique. They have slices at reasonable prices and make it in a brick oven.”

To check out the all of the best pizzas Davis has to offer, visit second and third place winners Woodstock’s and Uncle Vito’s Slice of N.Y., respectively.

— Eric C. Lipsky


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