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Best Place to Exercise

1. UC Davis Activities and Recreation Center

2. UC Davis Arboretum

3. Davis Greenbelt

It’s no surprise that the most diverse and student-friendly colossus known as the UC Davis Activities and Recreation Center (the ARC) has topped the charts this year for the best place in Davis to get exercise.

Besides specializing in weightlifting, cardio and aerobic exercise, the ARC also offers many recreational activities and classes that can spice up any student’s daily routine.

“I like the ARC because there’s something for everyone, whether you’re climbing or playing racquetball or dancing — you name it,” said junior evolution and ecology major Michelle Stone. “And you don’t have to be an expert, either; the classes teach you everything. It’s also a really good way to meet people that you wouldn’t ordinarily meet in your classes.”

Whether you want to get your groove on with dance, rekindle your Wild West days by learning how to ride a horse, get electrified with a high-energy spin class, be part of an intramural team, or enhance those Bruce Lee martial arts skills, the ARC offers a lot more than a rock-climbing wall — it has just about everything fun.

While the classes for recreational activities have a quarterly cost, a currently enrolled UC Davis student can use most of the gym’s workout facilities for free, since membership is included with tuition.

The ARC’s on-campus location coordinates with the campus community on a very friendly basis, connecting positive Aggie pride under one roof.

“It’s a good environment. I’ve never really had any altercations here as far as people being mean to one another. Its friendly, relaxing and just a good place to be,” said Kenny Job, employee at the ARC’s fitness center.

Finishing in second is another on-campus gem, the UC Davis Arboretum, which provides a combination of fresh air, nature and jogging lanes.

Behind the Arboretum in third place is the Davis Greenbelt, a connection of 10 bike loops that span across the Davis area to offer exercise and scenic views.

— Dominick Costabile


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