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Best Place To Get a Haircut

1. Davis Barber Shop
209 G St.

2. Tie: Aggie’s Barber Shop
724 Second St.

1300 E. Covell Blvd.

3. Pomegranate Salon
123 D St.

The haircutting game is relevant to everyone because of one reason: if your hair is wrong, your entire life is wrong.

Luckily the greater campus population can go easy knowing that Davis Barber Shop was voted first place by the Davis community as the best place to get a haircut.

John Brito, manager and barber at the Davis Barber Shop talks about hair with a passion.

“As far as hair goes, we don’t prescribe to one side only, and we consider the individual as a whole,” Brito said.

Such a guiding philosophy is apt for a 50-year-old traditional family barber shop.

For the boys looking to impress that after-midterm date, the Davis Barber Shop can guarantee a good looking head of hair, if nothing else. The Davis Barber Shop is a place where the relationship between barber and patron still rings true.

“We ask the hard questions, get the answers, to ensure a great looking haircut,” Brito said.

The store also displays bamboo bicycles out front, and on a good day one might even be able to request a ride at the owner’s discretion.

And why not? A great haircut deserves to fly down the street on a bike with all quickness, among the clamor of, “Where did you get that haircut, broham?”

Tied for second place were the Aggie Barber Shop and Supercuts. Pomegranate came in third place, as a premium hair salon and thus a little pricier than most.

— Peter An


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