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Best Place to Meet a Mate

1. In Class
2. House Parties
3. Downtown Davis Bars

With spring just on the horizon, pheromones and desperation are in the air, but rest assured, Davisites! There’s no need to activate an OK Cupid account just to find “the one.” This year’s student-voted best place to meet a lover is right here on campus.

Anyone who has seen the modern classic that is Mean Girls knows that some of the best romances begin in the classroom (“It’s October third”), so take that into consideration next time you feel the urge to sit quietly in the back row and doze off — you wouldn’t want to miss out on true love.

Having met her own boyfriend of several months in a comparative literature course, sophomore community and regional development major Diana Joost proves just how possible it is to meet the perfect match in school.

“Class is a great place to meet people,” Joost said. “If you’re in the same class then you probably have similar interests. Plus, sitting next to someone and asking for homework help is a good excuse to start a conversation.”

However, if you’re too busy jotting down notes during lecture to interact with fellow students, there are plenty of extracurricular outlets in which to continue the search for a soulmate. If loud music and a party rock atmosphere set your passions ablaze, second place winner house parties are an excellent place to meet like-minded students.

If neither of the other options fit the bill, the downtown Davis bar scene, which placed third, is also a popular meeting ground for lovelorn individuals — especially those in need of a little liquid courage.

— Dylan Gallagher


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